The golden hundred wines of the new edition of the Wine Salon 2024

The beginning of January traditionally brings the top 100 wines of our highest and largest competition of the Wine Salon - the National Wine Competition. It is a representative showcase of wines from each wine region, varietals and styles of our winemakers for the current year, which can be seen and tasted in the tasting exhibition of the same name in the historic cellar of the Valtice Chateau.

Salon vín 2024

The road to the Salon is long and not at all easy. After all, each gold medalist was successively subjected to three evaluations and the golden hundred came from 2629 wines entered at the beginning of the competition. From the sub-regional rounds, a still quite generous 1506 wines advanced to the first national round. The strictest filter of professional tasters, but also, for example, chemical analysesonly 400 finalists had the opportunity to win the top prize.

The golden hundred came from 2629 wines

"The Wine Salon is rightly called the showcase of our winery because, thanks to its uncompromising system, it guarantees theIt also takes into account the uniqueness of the wine regions of the Czech Republic, our rich varietal composition and our winemaking handwriting. Each visit to the tasting exhibition of the Valtice Chateau gives you the opportunity to get a comprehensive picture of how and what wines are produced in ours are made," said Petr Gondáš, manager of the Salon from the National Wine Centre, which organises the competition and also manages the tasting exhibition. "Keep an eye on your favourite winemakers to see if they were lucky enough to make it into the golden hundred this year. Not only in the Salon of Wines itself, but also in shops and wine shops, on e-shops and winemakers' websites or in restaurants, these wines can be recognised by their golden Wine Salon 2024 medals stuck on the wine bottles and it is good that our top-rated wines can be enjoyed by everyone," he added.

The Wine Salon tasting exhibition opens on 1 February and will welcome visitors again until almost Christmas.

The winners of each category:

Champion of the competition and winner of category A (dry white wines)
  • Riesling, late harvest, 2022, No. 10/22 - Vinařství Tichý
Winner of category B (semi-dry and semi-sweet white wines)
  • Riesling, grape selection, 2022, no. 2223 - Ing. Miroslav Volařík
Winner of category C (sweet wines)
  • Pinot Blanc, selection from onions, 2021, no. 2142 - Ing. Miroslav Volařík
Winner of category D - rosé wines and clarets
  • André rosé, late harvest, 2022, no. 1122 - Vinařství Svoboda
Winner of category E - dry red wines
  • Pinot No. 18964 - HABÁNSKÉ SKLEPY
Winner of category G - quality sparkling wines
  • Dominique blanc de noirs, growing sparkling wine, 2019, no. L9102 - Kamil Prokeš winery
The award for the best wine collection went to the Bzenec Chateau Winery
šampion salon 2024

The collection of 100 wines with the gold medal of the Wine Salon 2024 includes 54 winemakers and wine companies. The largest representation is the Chateau Winery Bzenec (10 wines) followed by the wineries Ing. Miroslav Volařík and Kamil Prokeš (6 wines) and Štěpán Maňák (5). The largest number of 26 varieties is represented by Riesling (14), Chardonnay (12) and Pinot Blanc with Riesling (9). Of the blue varieties, Pinot Noir (4) and Franconia (3).

Already the 24th edition of the

This year's 24th edition The competition was held in the usual three-round format, with the commissioners judging the wines in the first phase in eachMoravian wine sub-regions (Znojemská, Mikulovská, Velkopavlovická, Slovácká) and in the Bohemia wine region. Two national rounds of evaluation follow, which will determine the composition of the Wine Salon for the following year, the Champion and the category winners.

The competition itself is followed from February by a year-long tasting exhibition of the best 100 wines in the historic cellar of the Valtice Chateau. Here it is possible to taste the best wines of the year through several types of tasting programmes, including 'free tasting', sommelier-led programmes and individual tasting from a presentation machine. This year's opening to the public is scheduled for 1 February.

In addition to the hundred best wines awarded according to the Gold Medal of the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic 2024, the committee also awarded silver medals (for wines that advanced to the second round of evaluation and received a minimum of 84 points). The total number of medals awarded is limited to a maximum of 30% of the number of wines entered in the first round.

The National Wine Centre also provides award-winning wineries and winemakers with specially designed graphics that they can uset in showcasing this achievement on their social media or website.

The Wine Salon - the national wine competition of the Czech Republic is the highest and largest wine competition in the Czech Republic. It is organized by the National Wine Centre, o.p.s. The patronage of the Wine Salon - National Wine Competition 2024 was taken over by the Governor of the South Moravian Region Mgr. Jan Grolich and Minister of Agriculture Mgr. Marek Výborný.

The complete list of wines awarded gold and silver medals and statistics of the current year of the competition can be found in the downloadable file.

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