For the golden hundred of Moravian and Czech wines to Valtice. Wine Salon 2024 opens its doors!

The arrival of February traditionally marks one of the most important events for lovers of Moravian and Czech wines. The Salon of Wines, a tasting exhibition of one hundred of the best-rated wines from the highest and largest wine competition in the Czech Republic, opens its doors to the public. The showcase of the current top of our winemaking can be tasted for the first time, in the historic cellar of Valtice Chateau, already on Thursday 1 February.

It is no coincidence that the Wine Salon is called the showcase of Moravian and Czech winemaking. It not only represents the pinnacle of wine art, but also equally represents both wine regions and different wine styles. Wines from a total of 54 winemakers and wine companies are represented here according to the origin of the grapes in the individual wine sub-regions, i.e. 31 wines ofn come from Mikulovská, 29 from Velkopavlovická, 23 from Slovácké, 14 from Znojemská, 2 from Litoměřická and 1 from Mělnická. This year, 26 varieties will be available for tasting in the form of 88 white, 10 red and 10 red78 wines will be dry, 6 semi-dry, 11 semi-sweet and 5 sweet. There will also be 2 sparkling wines.

Wines from 54 winemakers and wine companies

"The charm of the Wine Salon lies above all in the opportunity to compare individual wines. The fact that these are, without exception, first-class wines is an obvious condition from which the myriad possibilities of enjoying one place at theone place, at one time and in one mood to enjoy Moravian and Czech wines and to find the most interesting ones according to one's individual taste. There can be many keys to this - according to winemakers, varieties, regional specifics, residual sugar, etc., etc. There is a lot to take in in one visit," said Petr Gondáš, Salon manager from the National Wine Centre, which organises the competition and also manages the tasting exhibition, adding: "over the 24 years of its existence, the Salon has built a strong position among lovers of our wines, but more and more often it attracts also lay people who The Wine Salon is also becoming more popular with lay people who are just beginning to discover the beauty of wine or who have chosen it as a tourist destination on a holiday or trip. This is exactly what we want to achieve in the long term and what we are very pleased about. To be here not just for connoisseurs, but to be able to enthuse everyone who is willing to listen to the voice of Moravian and Czech wines."

Salon vín 2024

The largest number of wines in this year's Wine Salon is the Bzenec Chateau Winery (10) followed by the wineries Ing. Among the varieties are Riesling (14), Chardonnay (12) and Pinot Noir with Riesling (9). Of the blue varieties, Pinot Noir (4) and Frankovka (3). In terms of quality, late harvests (54) and grape selections (29) clearly lead the way, with the 2022 (44) and 2021 (42) wines dominating in terms of vintage. In addition to the golden hundred wines, which are on display throughout the year, it is also possible to seasonally taste selected wines with the Silver Medal of the Salon or, for example, rosé wines, sparkling wines, etc.

The wines awarded with the gold medal of the Wine Salon 2024 and presented in the exhibition of the same name can be tasted and comparedthroughout the year until almost Christmas in free or professional sommelier-led tastings. Of course, it is also possible to buy selected wines in limited quantities. There is also an educational exhibition dedicated to winemaking and a shop selling gifts, wine literature, tasting glasses and sommelier's supplies.

Wine Salon - National Wine Competition of the Czech Republic

The Wine Salon - National Wine Competition of the Czech Republic is the highest and largest wine competition in the Czech Republic. It is organised by the National Wine Centre, o.p.s. The patronage of the Salon of Wines - National Wine Competition 2024 was taken over by the Governor of the South Moravian Region Mgr. Jan Grolich and Minister of Agriculture Mgr. Marek Výborný.

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