The best wine of the Czech Republic for the year 2024 is Ryzlink vlašský, late harvest, 2022 from the Tichý Winery in Dolní Dunajovice

The absolute champion of the Wine Salon - the national wine competition of the Czech Republic 2024, and therefore the best wine for ourThe winner and the best wine of the Salon Salon for the following year was Riesling, late harvest, batch 10/22, 2022 from the Tichý Winery in Dolní Dunajovice. The finalists of this largest wine competition in the Czech Republic were evaluated at the National Wine Centre in Valtice. The competition is organized by the National Wine Centre with the support of the Wine Fund and in cooperation with the Association of Winemakers of the Czech Republic.

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The winning wine Riesling, late harvest, 2022 comes from Mikulov winery sub-region and won the title of absolute champion by competing with 2628 wines through a three-round evaluation system.

Ryzlink vlašský, late harvest, batch 10/22, 2022 from Vinařství Tichý z Dolní Dunajovic

"We are extremely pleased that the champion of the Wine Salon is once again Riesling, a variety typical of the Mikulov wine sub-region. The grapes come from two vineyards in the Dunajovice Hills, namely Ořechová hora and Dunajovský hill, where the combination of grapes from two vineyards and the combination of young and old vineyards, we try to achieve a typical varietal expression both in aroma and taste," said Lubomír Tichý from Vinařství Tichý, the best wine of the Czech Republic.

The award ceremony for the winners of the individual categories, the prize for the best collection of the vintage and the winemakers whose wines received the Gold Medal of the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic 2024 will take place on Thursday 15 February 2024 in Valtice. The new tasting exhibition of the Salon of Wines 2024 will open to the public on 1 February.

"The champion may be the best, but his announcement is actually just a small taste of what visitors to the Salon of Wines can look forward to next year. The full results, especially the 100 wines awarded the Gold Medal of the 2024 Wine Salon, which will bewall in the tasting exhibition, but also other wines with the silver medal, will be announced in January. In January, the entire exhibition in the cellars of the Valtice Chateau will be closed, when everything will be prepared so that all those interested can get acquainted with these great wines throughout the year," said Ing. "So if you still want to taste a hundred selected best wines for this year and experience the capital of wine - Valtice a little differently, you have the opportunity only until 16 December," he added.

šampion salon 2024

Wine Salon - National Wine Competition 2024

The competition, which this year evaluated Moravian and Czech wines for the twenty-fourth time, has over the years settled on a three-round evaluation system. The first phase of the evaluation usually takes place in the summer months in the individual Moravian wine-growing regions.sub-regions (Znojemská, Mikulovská, Velkopavlovická, Slovácká) and in the Bohemia wine region, where this year 2 628 wines from 371 winemakers were entered. These are the nomination rounds of the National Wine Competition, the first stage of our largest and highest wine competition. This year, 1506 wines from 207 winemakers were nominated for the following 1st, already national, round of the Salon des Vins - National Wine Competition, so that in the 2nd round the expert committees will choose from 400 finalists.

The champion and each holder of the Gold Medal of the Salon des Vins 2024 must thus pass through three rounds of professional evaluation by international tasting test holders according to European ISO standards, which guarantees the objectivity and high standard of the entire competition. Thanks to this, the Salon of Wines - National Wine Competition is a showcase of Czechand Moravian winemaking and the title of champion is the highest achievable standard for wine in the Czech Republic. The prestigious medals of the Salon des Vins - National Wine Competition are an unquestionable guarantee of the highest possible quality of wines.

In addition to the 100 best wines awarded according to the Gold Medal of the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic 2024, the committee will also award silver medals (for wines that have advanced to the second round of evaluation and received a minimum of 84 points). The total number of medals awarded is limited to a maximum of 30% of the number of wines entered in the first round.

The competition itself is followed by the Wine Salon from February of the following year as a year-round tasting exhibition of the best 100 wines. Here, several types of tasting programmes are available, including the so-called "wine tasting". "The best wines of the year can be tasted through a variety of different tasting programmes, including 'free tasting', sommelier-led programmes and individual tastings from a presentation machine. To a limited extent, they can also be purchased there, along with various wine-themed gifts and basic selected sommelier supplies.

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