The Velké Pavlovice wine sub-region

The Velké Pavlovice sub-region is the true heart of Moravian red-wine production. Its central segment has soils of calcareous clay, marl, sandstone and conglomerate rock. In the northern section of the sub-region, around Hrušovany and Žabčice, where vines grow on sandy soils, Grüner Veltliner and Pinot Gris thrive, alongside the mainly aromatic grapes like GewurztraminerPálavaMoravian Muscat and Müller-Thurgau.   

The Velké Pavlovice wine sub-region

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The Velké Pavlovice sub-region is the true heart of Moravian red-wine production.

The principal axis of the vineyards stretches along the motorway between Brno and Břeclav. On the right side the famed wine village of Židlochovice can be found, where loess soils  predominate on a richly modelled hilly terrain. The conditions for obtaining wines of very high quality, especially from grapes of the Pinot family, are very good here. On the left side the vineyard slopes of Velké Němčice are spread along the motorway right up to Velké Bílovice, whence they continue on to Moravský Žižkov.

There is a range of prime vineyard sites, which step up from the flat thalwegs as the first elevation of the Chřiby hills. The vineyard slopes have a south-western and southern orientation and in autumn are swept by warm foehnish winds that hasten grape ripening. A rugged line of vineyard tracts appears along the right side, the first-class slopes of this ridge between the villages of Zaječí, Přítluky and Rakvice, where Grüner VeltlinerWelschriesling and Blauer Portugieser have always excelled. Behind the main line of vineyards lie the higher vineyard positions on undulating terrain, which once used to be mainly the domain of the Neuburger and Müller-Thurgau grape varieties. This is an area referred to as Kloboucko with its wine villages of Křepice, Nikolčice, Diváky, Šitbořice, Boleradice, Morkůvky and Krumvíř.