More than 1200 medals for Moravian and Czech wines in 2023 from world competitions!

The past year 2023 ranked among the top years when Moravian and Czech wines were widely and only well heard of in the world. The country brought back an impressive 1,275 medals from international wine competitions abroad, thus exceeding the magic mark of 1,000 medals for the third time and even the extended mark of 1,200 for the second time. Once again, their high quality and growing popularity beyond the borders of our country has been confirmed. Participation in the competitions has long been supported by the Wine Fund.


The awards included not only gold (509), silver (511) and bronze (167) medals, but also a fantastic63 large gold and 13 platinum medals awarded only to truly exceptional wines. The medal gains were then crowned by 12 champion titles, i.e. awards for wines that either overall or in their categories found no competitors at the competitions.

12 champion titles, 13 platinum, 63 major gold, 509 gold, 511 silver and 167 bronze medals

"Last year was again a very successful year for Moravian and Czech wines in terms of awards at international wine competitions. This is good not only as a confirmation of the world-class quality of our wines, but mainly it supports the increasingly strong export ambitions of our winemakers. It was not only in Europe, where our exports go most often, but also in America, Asia and Africa," commented Mgr. Zbyněk Vičar, Director of the Wine Fund. "What is very pleasing is how often our traditional varieties such as Müller Thurgau, Riesling and Veltliner Green scored among the whiteand Frankovka and Svatovavrinecké among the red wines, i.e. the wines most typical for our region, which are not so well known abroad."

The world's most prestigious competitions are held under the auspices of the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wineor under the umbrella of VINOFED (World Federation of Major International Wine and Spirit Competitions). The juries are composed of the world's leading tasters, representatives of the UIOE (International Union of Oenologists) and other distinguished and respected experts in the field. In particular, the Wine Fund has long contributed to participation in these most prestigious international competitions, as well as many others. In addition to the entry fee, it also covers the costs of transporting the competition samples around the world. The participation of Moravian and Czech wines is organised by the National Wine Centre, and some of the competitions are also organised by (formerly the editorial office of SOMMELIER magazine).


Greatest achievements 2023:


Moravian winemakers took home 5 champions, i.e. the best wines of their categories, from the international and 3 (out of 7 awarded) from the Slovak competition Muvina Prešov. They also did well on American soil, where they won one champion each at the Great American International Wine Competition and the Texas International Wine Competition. The absolute champion of the competition was Moravian wine at the Cool Climate Wine Awards in Poland and the German PIWI International Wine Challenge.

Platinum medals:

Of the fifty platinum medals awarded to wines from around the world, thirteen went to Moravia at the Great American International Wine Competition in New York.

The Great Gold Medals:

Our winemakers won a total of 15 major gold medals, the most of any competition, at the Texas International Wine Competition, 12 at the San Francisco International Wine Competition and 9 at the Vinalies Internationales in Paris.

Most medals:

Traditionally, Moravian and Czech wines had the greatest success in the number of medals received at the AWC Vienna. They took away an incredible 302 medals. Including the Seal of Approval, they won an impressive total of 349 awards. At this competition they also achieved the highest number of gold medals - 93.

Other interesting awards:

The best wine of the Cool Climate Wine Awards was the Pálava Straw Wine 2021 from the Réva Rakvice winery. Interestingly, the same wine, but from the 2020 vintage, came second in last year's competition. The overall second place in the competition went to the Pinot Noir Selection from grapes 2018 from the Vinselekt Michlovský winery.

The best oenologist in the still wine category at the Bacchus Madrid competition was Jiří Toman, chief oenologist and cellar master of B\V Vinařství z Milotic u Kyjov. He received the same award in 2021.

The special award, given especially for the 25th anniversary of the winery's anniversary. The Pálava Maidenburg 2022 from the Reisten winery in Pavlov is the winner of the special award for the 25th anniversary of the Le Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg competition for an indigenous variety bred in the country (Cépage autochtone).

The charity Great American Wine Competition awarded a special grant to the Dvůr pod Starýma Horama winery fromBoršice in the amount of USD 500, which the winery donated to the PAHOP palliative care hospice in Uherské Hradiště.

Another 22 awards were given to Moravian wines at the International Riesling Competition, the German Best of Riesling. The evaluation of the competition is very strict and awards are given only to wines that achieve at least 87 points. The Moravian wines here have been awarded 3 times a respectable 92 points, 1 time 91 and 2 times 90 points.