Arte vini Velké Pavlovice

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About the winery

After the entry of financial investors into the project, Arte Vini's activities expanded to the Velkopavlovice wine sub-region, where it managed to acquire its own vineyards with a total area of 15 hectares in various vineyard tracks. The local sloping hills, whose subsoil is often high in calcium and magnesium, provide perfect exposure to the sun. This unique terroir is unique in the whole of the Czech Republic. Under local conditions, both Burgundy and local blue grapes regularly reach optimum ripeness.

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  • Parking for 4 cars
  • Guided tasting on order
  • Offer own wines
  • WC in the facility
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Production information

Basic information

  • Yearly production
    69 998 bottles
  • Area of vineyards
    15 ha
  • Price range
    150-499 CZK

The largest part includes the Bojanovska vineyard, which is in optimal production condition and age. Other vineyard lines are Isperky, Lizniperky, Staré hory and also several lines around the villages of Starovičky and Němčičky. The average age of our vineyards is 15 years, with some vineyards growing older and old vines (up to 45 years), which provide us with excellent raw material for the production of full-bodied and concentrated red wines.

In the Velkopavlovice sub-region we focus mainly on the production of traditional local blue varieties Frankovka and Svatovavrinecké, locally bred specialty André and Burgundy varieties. This range is complemented by some other popular varieties.

All the vineyards are managed in a sustainable way with respect for the site and its surroundings. In the cellar, we use traditional production methods that allow the characteristics of each variety and the local terroir to shine through.

We are members of the Blue Mountains VOC association, which produces both rosé wines and, in particular, red wines, which are marketed no earlier than 18 months after harvest. VOC Modré hory is the first VOC in the Czech Republic to produce VOC wines only from blue grape varieties. The winemakers of the region have carefully and for a long time selected and chosen three of the most traditional, currently the best grown and most suitable for their region: the Frankovka, the Svatovavrinecké and the Modrý Portugal. From these, it is possible to market red wines after 18 months of ageing and young rosé wines.

Produced white wine varieties
Produced varieties of red wines
Produced wine categories
    Wines of certified origin (VOC), Sparkling wine, Selection of berries, Land wine
Achieved awards

King of Wines, Festwine, Jarovin Rosé

Specialties in the menu

Sweet Reserve 2019 selection of berries

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