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Basic characteristics of wine

Pálava was cultivated by Ing. Josef Veverka by crossing the varieties Gewürztraminer and Müller Thurgau. Probably the best results are achieved mainly in the Mikulov subregion, in the vicinity of the municipalities of Perná, Pavlov or Bulhary, then in Lechovice, Popice or Čejkovice. Pálava is often automatically perceived as a sweet wine, i.e. with a higher residual sugar but this is not always the rule. In the dry version we discover the charm and beauty of this variety.


The colour of the wine is usually golden yellow.

Wine aroma

The aroma of the wine contains predominantly tones of one of the parents - Gewürztraminer - roses, sweet spices, exotic fruits and strong floral tones.


The taste of the wine is beautifully aromatic, mildly fresh and long lasting.

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Wine profile



0.6% of the total vineyard plantings.
Entered in the State Register of Grape Varieties in 1977.

The wine has similar characteristics as Traminer but is usually less spicy. 

This variety was developed by J. Veverka at the Vine Research Centre in Velké Pavlovice and later in Perná by crossing Red Traminer and Müller-Thurgau.

The growth is of medium vigour with medium-sized pentagonal leaves and abundant foliage. Bunches are conical, with greyish-red berries that have a somewhat oval face and thick skins. Grapes have a taste of Traminer spiciness. Ripening is medium late. Resistance to frost is medium, to fungal diseases lower. Requires damp, fertile soils and good vineyard positions.

Pálava crops regularly and the yields are higher than for Traminer. The grapes are capable of obtaining high sugar levels, therefore it is possible to make wines with special attributes on a regular basis.

The wine has similar characteristics as Traminer but is usually less spicy. The aromatic substances found in the Traminer grape variety are enriched with vanilla tones. It has a somewhat higher acidity content than Traminer. Wines made from the Pálava cultivar are also frequently smoother and more harmonious than Traminer which makes them attractive to drink.