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About the winery

Pavel Skrášek has been involved in winemaking as a hobby since 1996. After a brief stint as a sales representative for other winemakers in Perná, he finally "gave up" his original profession as a machinist in 2000 and embarked on a professional wine career. Since his parents, mother Pavla and father Lubomír, planted 2.5 hectares of vineyards in the Bergrus area in 1993, he was able to start processing his own grapes.

The winery is the last building towards the cycle path to Bavory

Contacts and services


  • Accommodation for up to 18 people
  • 6 rooms
350 CZK / person

Other services

  • Possibility to pay by card
  • Parking for 10 cars
  • Parking for 1 bus
  • Storage for 12 bikes
  • Offer own wines
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Production information

Basic information

  • Yearly production
    10 000 bottles
  • Area of vineyards
    2,5 ha
  • Price range
    120-275 CZK

About 1/3 of the grapes to diversify the range come from contract winegrowers from the Pálava area. Pavel Skrášek newly planted Pálava in 2009 in the Levá Bavarská Pálava line, and in 2010 in the U Mikulášek line Pinot Gris and Sauvignon. The production volume should increase in the future just so that the winery does not lose its family character. Pavel Skrášek had his production facilities in Perná in a classic family cellar. However, a new production hall has already been built on the land behind the house, which the winery is gradually equipping with modern technology. In the attic space, accommodation with a view of the Pálava Mountains has been built for twelve people in total. A small cellar next to the house is used for archiving wine and for visitors. The winery uses a combination of traditional and modern methods of vinification - white wines are made from fermented musts fermented with noble yeasts in chilled tanks, red wines are made by open maceration, then aged for a year in wooden barrels. Pavel Skrášek first started bottling the 2006 vintage. The current production volume is around 6 000 bottles and should gradually increase. Pavel Skrášek sells the wine from the cellar, and the wines are also distributed in wine shops from Jihlava to Ústí nad Labem. Groups of up to 24 visitors can sign up for a tasting, but a wine tasting can be arranged for up to 50 people. In addition to the wine, they can enjoy homemade specialties and folk songs performed by the cellar master.

Produced white wine varieties
Produced varieties of red wines
Produced wine categories
    Land wine, Quality wine, Kabinet wine, Late harvest, Selection of grapes, Selection of berries, Saint Martin's wine, Rosé, Semi-sparkling wine
Specialties in the menu

Hibernal selection of grapes Riesling - Persian Pálava 2018 selection of grapes Cabernet Moravia - 60 days on the skins

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