Easter feasting with our wines

The greatest Christian holiday, Easter, also includes folk customs and traditions related to gastronomy and, of course, good wine. Be inspired by the national sommelier Klára Kollárová, who has selected wines from the Salon Vín, i.e. from the hundred of our best wines for this year, the ones that best match Easter.


For example, on Ugly Wednesday, when Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, various potato pancakes and pancakes were eaten. On Maundy Thursday, the day of the Last Supper, something green was to be eaten to keep us healthy. On Good Friday, the day of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, mourning was held, so people often fasted, possibly filling themselves with a light meal of fish or a thick soup of sauerkraut and potatoes. Finally, we come to what most of us associate Easter with - lambs, cakes, eggs and ourdivka, the dishes typical of White Saturday and Easter Sunday, which was even richer in food, especially meat dishes. After all, the resurrection of Jesus was celebrated! Traditionally, on Easter Monday, there is caroling, when boys go to the girls, who are "rejuvenated" with pom poms and say Easter stories. They earn painted Easter eggs for their activity.

Chardonnay 2021, dry, late harvest, BMVinařství s.r.o.

(Slovácká sub-region, Tvrdonice, Nové vinohrady line, 14 %)

"Chardonnay is an international variety that is often referred to as plastic. It perfectly reflects the place of origin and especially the processing in the cellar, i.e. the winemaker's vision. This wine is beautifully fruity and round, and its fullness makes it a suitable complement to Easter stuffing," says national sommelier Klára Kollárová.

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Price: 259 CZK

Tramín red 2021, dry, late harvest, Family winery Skoupil

(Velkopavlovická sub-region, Velké Bílovice, Zadní hora track, 14 %)

"Enjoy a dry Tramín from a great location in Velké Bílovice. This micro-region is promised to the Tramín variety and it is not surprising that it is the family jewel of the Skoupil winemaking family. In aroma and taste you will find melon, papaya, passion fruit and the typical flowering rose in this wine. On the finish we are treated to a spicy pepperiness. It will suitably complement the classic mazanec, which is not too sweet, ideally with raisins,' explains national sommelier Klára Kollárová.

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Price: 315 CZK

Sauvignon 2021, semi-dry, selection of grapes, Štěpán Maňák

(Slovácká sub-region, Nechvalín, Borový čtvrtě, 13,5 %)

'With this fuller-bodied Sauvignon from heavier soils and properly ripened grapes, you can try a bold Easter pairing! Its aromas are serious and rich, full of blackcurrant, ripe gooseberry and deafberry honey. The flavour has a pleasant sweetness evoking gooseberry jam with citrus zest. Simply a complex wine that can handle even such an expressive dish as lamb with herbs, lemon and stuffing," recommends national sommelier Klára Kollárová.

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Price: 275 CZK

Pinot Gris 2020, semi-sweet, selection of grapes, Vinařství Hrozínek s.r.o.

(Mikulovská sub-region, Hlohovec, Stará hora line, 13 %)

"Although this Pinot Gris is in the semi-sweet category, it is no fruit bomb. The wine has been aged in a wooden barrel and has acquired a very elegant touch of vanilla and honey. The palate is velvety full with a honeyed finish. A subtle touch of wood permeates the whole tasting. Try it with cakes or with fine cheese with white mould,' advises national sommelier Klára Kollárová.

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Price: 295 CZK