Meditrina knows her 6th year champion

Velké Pavlovice, 25.3.2023 - the competition of wines, which are evaluated by an all-female expert committee, has already had its 6th year. After a three-year covid hiatus, women wine lovers, oenologists, sommeliers and winemakers gathered together under one roof to choose a new wine champion. This year it was Riesling 2015 from Marcus winery.

The Meditrina competition, named after the Roman goddess of health and wine, seeks to bring women together in a field that is still perceived as primarily male. As in previous editions, the judging panel consisted of 25 expert female tasters who together evaluated approximately 200 wines from the Czech Republic, Austria and France. "This year, for the first time, we have included the increasingly popular category of natural wineswhich unfortunately have not yet had their chance to shine in similar wine competitions. We are delighted that several excellent samples have been submitted by winemakers for this category as well, from which our tastingOur tasting judges have clearly chosen the Palasak from Syfany winery as their winner," says the guarantor of the competition, Natálie Bordácsová.

The Meditrina competition also includes an evaluation of the best wine by a female oenologist, who this year was Eliška Becková from Vinařství No. 44. It was this winemaker who won with her wines in two categories. Specifically, in the Dry White Wines category, the 2021 Riesling won and in the Silent Sweet Wines category, the 2021 Red Tramin won in the Onion Selection.

In the category of rosé wines the winner was Pinot Noir - rosé from the U Kapličky Winery and the bestpe rated red wine of the competition was Dornfelder 2021 selection from grapes by Štěpán Maňák.


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