Valtice Wine Market takes place in a month

On 5 and 6 May 2023, when it will host the 56th edition of the Valtice Wine Market, Valtice will once again live up to its designation as the capital of wine. Thanks to its more than 60 years of tradition, the event is rightly referred to as the Wimbledon of wine exhibitions. Last week, the National Wine Centre, which fully guarantees the objectivity and transparency of wine competitions, collected samples for this prestigious event. The event is organised by the Valtice Wine Market in cooperation with the Secondary Wine School in Valtice.

VVT 2023

Every year, at the beginning of May, the premises of the renovated riding hall and the Spanish Stables provide an unforgettable backdrop and atmosphere.The oldest national wine competition in the Czech Republic with international participation - the Valtice Wine Market. Nearly 6,000 visitors regularly come to taste top-class wines from all over the Czech Republic and abroad.

Almost 6 000 visitors

"The origins of the Valtice Wine Market date back to the late nineteenth century, but its modern Its modern history began in 1967, when the first post-war edition was organised in its present form. It is now divided into three parts. The unofficial start is the collection of samples for the competition, which took place these days. In April, the judging of the competition takes place, and the culmination and the biggest attraction for the public is the actual exhibition at the beginning of May. most of the competition samples, including the champions, will be available for tasting," said David Št'astný, one of the organisers of the Valtice Wine Market, adding: "this year 110 winemakers and wine companies entered 721 samples into the competition. Wine from the Czech Republic (581), Austria (75) and Slovakia (61) dominate, but wines from Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Chile, Australia, Argentina and South Africa are also represented. This adds an extra dimension to the competition and the subsequent exhibition and a unique opportunity to compare and broaden horizons."

The competition

The judging of the wines by renowned tasters will take place from 11 to 14 April 2023 at the Wine Centre of Excellence, adjacent to the co-organising wine school in Valtice. Among the main awards for which the entered samples will compete are the Champion in the category of whiteChampion in the red wine category and Champion for the highest rated foreign wine. Another prestigious award is the trophy for the best collection of wines at the entire exhibition. However, all the awards are highly appreciated among winemakers.

The Valtice Wine Market is held annually as one of the most prestigious exhibitions in the Czech Republic and Europe under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and the auspices of the Minister of Agriculture Ing. Zdeněk Nekula, the South Moravian Region, the Senate of the Czech Republic, the towns of Valtice and Břeclav and with the support of the Wine Fund, SZIF and other important partners.

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