5 small interesting vintage events in Moravia and Bohemia

When you say vintage - the main wine festival, many immediately think of the biggest ones in Znojmo, Mikulov or Mělník. But there are many smaller wine festivals all over the country, which have become in many ways quite remarkable over the years.and a visit to them opens up a new dimension of celebrating the emergence of a new vintage of Moravian and Czech wine.

vinobrani troja

Most vintage parties have a similar basic concept. Very simply, it is a social event with the opportunity to taste wine and bourbon, have a bite to eat, and all this with an accompanying cultural program. However, each event is a little different and looks for its own way to impress. Some are made more attractive by a unique venue, unusual views or an unexpected programme. So what are the smaller unique ones?

Troja Vintage Festival (10 September)

Perhaps a bit surprising for some, but several vintage events are also held in Prague. The one in Prague's Troja is certainly not an insignificant event, but a true wine festival as it should be. This year we can look forward to the 24th. and once again it is traditionally hosted in the impressive grounds of the Baroque Troja Castle, where, in addition to stands with a variety ofCzech wine and various refreshments, of which there are plenty, there is also an interesting cultural programme. The vineyards in Troja have a long history. At present, there are three wineries - Salabka, St. Clare Vineyard and the youngest Zilvar Winery.

Karlštejn Vintage Festival (24 - 25 September)

If we stay in Bohemia for a while, we will come across another interesting vintage, this time in the village and castle of Karlštejn. Perhaps our most famous castle is inherently linked to the Emperor and King Charles IV and the local vintage is also in this spirit. A rich historical programme, gothic clothing, historical dance lessons, duels with theermiers and many other performances will transport visitors to a time long gone. There will of course be wine and bourbon tastings and many gastronomic specialities. The highlight of the programme is the parade of Charles IV with his wife Eliška Pomořanska and the entourage of royal courtiers.

Retro vintage party (17 September)

But now we move on to Moravia, where most of the vintage events take place every year. It will probably come as a surprise to few people that we will first head to Valtice to see the vintage in South Moravia. Where else should this major wine festival take place than in the wine capital. In addition to the traditional vintage at the chateau, there is also one special one, the Retro Vintage and Grape Picking Championship. It is a unique wine event of its kind, moreover in retro style. Visitors don overalls, aprons, radios and scarves like the administrative brigadiers of the 50s and 60s and head out to pick grapes in the vineyard. Of course, there will also be goodies such as fresh bourch, bread with crackling spread and honest goulash. Fun is provided here and you can experience something unusual.


Bzenec costumed vintage festival (16th - 17th September)

Vintage events are not missing in Slovácko, another important wine-growing region. If, in addition to good wine, you want to get acquainted with the local folklore, then go to Bzenec. The local vintage is unique, especially with its festive procession of costumed people, including Bacchus with nymphs and the Countess and her steward. You can also look forward to an enticing parade of ensembles and musicians and, of course, a tasting of burgundy.and wines of Slovak winemakers in the booths, as the local cellars are called here. There is also a crafts fair, various exhibitions, concerts, as well as fairground attractions and dance parties. In short, a good portion of experiences and good wine.

bzenecke vinobrani

Královopolska vintage (9 - 11 September)

Brno is, of course, inseparable from South Moravia. However, as in the case of Prague, many people do not associate it with wine and therefore may not expect a wine festival here. The opposite is true, Brno, as the centre of Moravia, has an indelible wine history, which is celebrated every year with the Královopolský vintage. This year, it is also linked to the 700th anniversary of the birth of Jan Henry of Luxembourg, a Moravian margrave who made a significant contribution to the development of viticulture in Moravia in the 14th century. In addition to the opportunity to taste wine and chat with winemakers and learn about their wines, there is also a rich programme. Knight tournaments, dance performances by folklore groups, dulcimer music, attractions for children, a fire show or a champagne sabrage, all this and much more can be found here.

kravopolske vinobrani