The 3 biggest vintage festivals in the Czech Republic or How to celebrate the wine festival

The vintage is the biggest wine festival for both the winemakers themselves and the lovers of their wines. It used to be mainly a celebration of the harvest and the harvest among winemakers, but over the years it has become a folk pastime for literally everyone and fills the calendars of most wine tourists every year. Everyone's tastes are a little different, but fortunately there is now a choice of large and small, traditional and modern, in towns and villages, in Moravia or Bohemia. Before we get to the smaller and unconventional ones, accept our invitation to the most famous ones.


Vintage parties are held in almost all wine-growing villages and towns and each vintage party is a little different and special. But there are three that are rightly among the most popular in the country and really worth a visit. What are they?

The Znojmo Historical Vintage Festival (9-11 September)

Thevintage in Znojmo is the largest and, together with the Pálava one, the most famous in our country. Every year, tens of thousands of visitors flock here and don't want to miss this spectacular event. A spectacular historical festival, jousting tournaments, historical marketplaces with craft demonstrations, military encampments and a rich cultural programme that takes place in several places await them. There is something going on in every square and almost everywhere you can taste something good and experience and see something interesting. Visitors can not only stop by the main stages in Masaryk and Upper Squares, where star performers will be performing, but also visit the Wine Market, the Alley of the Poor, or the Rotunda of St. You can visit the St. Catherine's Cathedral, where the regional VOC wine festival takes place. The mainstay of the historical programme is the unique parade of King John of Luxembourg, which is an attraction for lovers of narrative historical festivities. It is a monumental spectacle involving more than 450 costumed characters. On Friday, a traditional torchlight parade will pass through the town, ending with a fire show on the main grandstand. Saturday afternoon's parade graduates to a historical scene. Wine and bourbon are not only available at stalls and tastings, but dozens of mahauz are also open and happy to pour for anyone with a taste.

vinobrani znojmo

Pálava Vintage Festival (9 - 11 September)

ThePálava Wine Festival is a traditional festival of wine, gastronomy and culture with a prestigious wine competition and an exclusive artistic programme in the wine town of Mikulov. It is one of the best known and most visited wine festivals. It has gained popularity not only among the people living in the area, but visitors come here from all over the country and often from abroad. They all want not only to taste good wines, but to spend a pleasant time in a beautiful historic town with a rich cultural accompaniment. The programme includes concerts by stars of the Czech and Slovak music scene, wine and bourbon stalls and gastronomicspecialities, a torch show, a royal entourage parade, lots of costumes, a craft market, folklore groups, dulcimer music and brass band. During the vintage season there is also a public tasting of wines from the National Wine Competition of the Mikulov Wine Region in the main hall of the chateau.

vinobrani plavsk

Mělník Vintage Festival (16 - 18 September)

But the vintage is not just the domain of Moravia and you don't have to travel there exclusively. There are several interesting events in Bohemia as well. You can also visit the cradle of wine tradition in Bohemia and enjoy the atmosphere of traditional wine festivals and the beautiful historic town at the confluence of the Elbe and Vltava rivers in Mělník. Over the course of three weekend days, a number of bands and ensembles will perform on two music stages and you can buy wine and bourbon from renowned Mělník winemakers as well as neighbouring wineries from wine-growing Bohemia. Popular gastronomic specialities are also available. The period scene in the courtyard of Mělník Castle will transport visitors to different periods and styles. For families with children, a children's scene with a rich musical and theatrical programme and art workshops is prepared. The culmination of the rich Saturday programme is the Charles IV parade, which traditionally ends with a fireworks display. Traditionally, the vintage festival in Mělník also includes a zone with fairground attractions and during the festivities, monuments and other attractions of the town are open.