St. Martin's wines of the 2023 vintage are selected! Fresh and fruity wines await us again

326 wines from 76 winemakers and winemaking companies succeeded in the evaluation of the quality and required characteristics of the wines applying for the possibility to use the St.Martin's label this year. As of 11 November, we will once again be able to enjoy over 2 million bottles of this year's first wines. However, if winemakers were to exercise the right to sell all the wines that have passed the evaluation under the St Martin's label, a record 2.78 million wines would be released.

SVM 2023

Traditionally, white wines will be the most represented (149), followed by rosés and clarets (101) and red wines (76). Only wines of authorised varieties and their cuvées may be produced under the St Martin's label. The white wines are Müller Thurgau (80), Muscat of Moravia (48) and Veltliner red early. (21), for rosés Zweigeltrebe (54), Svatovavrinecké (40) and Modrý Portugal (6) and for reds Modrý Portugal (53) and Svatovavrinecké (23). The only cuvée this year is a rosé claret.

326 wines from 76 winemakers and wine companies

"St. Martin's wines have literally become a phenomenon during their renewed tradition, and not only for avid fans of Moravian and Czech wines with 11. November has become a feast. From a few thousand bottles the first year when the St. Martin's Wine Fund brand came to the market, we have grown to more than two million, from a few events in particularto the wine centres of South Moravia, there are dozens of events across the country, from dozens of batches of St. Martin's wines, to the current hundreds. But the greatest success of St. Martin's wines is that they have become a symbol and a means of bringing people together and sharing the joy of life, and that is exactly what we want from Moravian and Czech wines," said Mgr. Zbyněk Vičar, director of the Wine Fund, which owns the St. Martin's Day stamp and lends it out every year.

For this year, the Wine Fund has modified the conditions, so that Svatomartinská wines can be ordered via e-shops from Thursday 9 September.However, sales through retail and catering outlets are not allowed to change until the 11th.

Thewhite wines from the Müller Thurgau variety have notes of ripe white peach with juicy acidity. The Muscat of Moravia is pleasantly citrusy, some with a touch of ripe kiwi. The early Veltliner has a fresh, juicy taste and a light, noble aroma with notes of mango, lime and other exotic fruits. The rosés generally exhibit a hint of yoghurt with strawberries or forest fruits. The reds, on the other hand, are velvety smooth, with aromas of violet blossoms and other spring meadow herbs, and spicy freshness.

'Only wines that succeed in the evaluation by the expert committee have the opportunity to carry the St Martin's label. In the scoring, such wines must obtain at least 80 of the 100 points. The wine is evaluated for purity, colour, aroma, taste and overall impression," explained Ing. Petr Gondáš from the National Wine Centre, who is responsible for the evaluation of St. Martin's wines, added: "this year only 23 of the 349 wines entered failed, which makes this year's and indicates that we are in for some excellent wines this year. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of this, there will also be a check on the wines already bottled in the retail chain to ensure that everyone is sure that they have indeed bought a wine that has passed the evaluation."

St. Martin's Day basket in Brno

On the occasion of St. Martin's Day, countless wine tastings and celebrations also take place. These are traditionally dominated by and kicked off by the St. Martin's Day wine festival in Brno. "I would like to invite all lovers of Moravian and Czech wines on Saturday 11 September, on behalf of myself and our winemakers. November at 11 am on Svobody Square in Brno, where we traditionally organize the largest tasting of St. Martin's Day wines in the country. You can look forward to a large parade, the blessing of St. Martin's wine and a festive toast. There will be at least a hundred St. Martin's wines from dozens of winemakers to taste, and St. Martin on White will also be, who will be portrayed this year by the well-known actor Michal Isteník," said Zbyněk Vičar, the director of the Wine Fund. The Wine Fund also supports a number of other St Martin's Day events across the country. You can find an overview of them in the calendar of events on the website Wines from Moravia, Wines from Bohemia.

The 'St. Martin's Day' brand was registered in 1995 and since 2005 it has been owned by the Wine Fund, which in cooperation within cooperation with the National Wine Centre, has been promoting these wines under a single logo for the nineteenth time.

St. Martin's Day 2023