Zapletal Winery Valtice

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About the winery

The Roman Zapletal Valtice Winery is a small family-owned company focused on the production of quality wines from grapes coming from carefully maintained vineyards. In the most beautiful Valtice vineyard "Pod Reistnou" we grow both classic and completely new varieties suitable for organic winemaking. We process our wines in the historic Ice Cellar on Hradební Street. The gentle processing of grapes from the reduced harvest by controlled fermentation technology gives our wines a distinctive character. You can taste over 20 varieties.

New building corner of Střelecká and Hradební streets

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  • Possibility to pay by card
  • Disabled access
  • Parking for 20 cars
  • Parking for 3 buses
  • Guided tasting on order
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Opening hours

  • Monday16:00 - 23:00
  • Tuesday16:00 - 23:00
  • Wednesday16:00 - 23:00
  • Thursday16:00 - 23:00
  • Friday16:00 - 23:00
  • Saturday16:00 - 23:00
  • Sunday10:00 - 11:00

Production information

Basic information

  • Yearly production
    15 000 bottles
  • Area of vineyards
    4 ha
  • Price range
    150-390 CZK

Our winery can be found in the wine town of Valtice, the wine capital, located at the very southern tip of the wine regions of South Moravia. I have been immersed in the secrets of wine production and working in the vineyard since my childhood, when our family produced wine only for our own needs. Winemaking functioned as a hobby and a secondary source of income. Our first wines were made in the Myslivecké sklepům in Valtice. Since the 1980s, all wine production and vineyard care has been transferred to me. The premises of the Myslivec cellar were not ideal for wine production, so I bought a cellar on Hradební Street. It was a historic space in the immediate vicinity of the former Franciscan monastery. This cellar used to serve as the town's ice house - ice storage for the inns of Valtice. However, the development of electricity and refrigeration ended its role. In 1980-83 it was completely filled in. Today it is once again used to produce fine wine. The first wines were produced here in 1986. The winery really started to develop after 1991, when I started winemaking professionally, however, at first it was about barrel wine production and with the gradual acquisition of new and modern winemaking technology, the range of wines produced changed towards attribute wines. WINE IS MADE ON THE VINE, so we planted our own vineyard in the vineyard "Pod Reistnou" on an area of 3.8 hectares. In addition to classic varieties, we have planted a number of completely new PIWI varieties suitable for ecological grape growing. Since 2008 we have been breeding bees and producing flower honey and mead.

Produced white wine varieties
Produced varieties of red wines
Produced wine categories
    Land wine, Quality wine, Kabinet wine, Late harvest, Selection of grapes, Selection of berries
Achieved awards

CHARDONNAY 2008 SELECTION FROM THE GRAPE - botrytis harvest Gold medal - CHAMPION OF THE VINE Sedlec 2010 TRAMIN RED 2008 SELECTION FROM THE GRAPE Gold medal - CHAMPION OF THE VINE Sedlec 2010 4th National Wine Exhibition in Skalica - Slovakia 23.4.-24.4.2010 CHARDONNAY 2008 grape selection - botrytis harvest SILVER MEDAL TRAMINE RED 2008 grape selection SILVER MEDAL MERLOT 2008 late harvest Champion of red wines Břeclav Poštorná 2010

Specialties in the menu

Vesna, Helios, Muscaris, Cabernet Cortis, Monarch, Cabernet Blanc, Savilon, Solaris, Johanniter, Souvignier gris,

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