Wine company s.r.o.

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About the winery

Established 1992. The wine company was established by transformation from the former JZD. Thanks to the good natural conditions (the White Carpathians - in the Strážnice wine region), the wines produced from grapes grown in selected tracks are consistently top quality. This is evidenced by numerous high awards at both regional and international wine exhibitions. The current capacity of the cellar farm in Blatnička is 520000 litres. The wines are aged in oak barrels with a capacity of 6600 litres.

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Production information

Basic information

  • Area of vineyards
    1,37 ha
  • Price range
    40-150 CZK
Produced white wine varieties
Produced varieties of red wines
Produced wine categories
    Straw wine, Ice wine, Selection of grapes, Late harvest, Kabinet wine, Quality wine
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