Sauvignon from Halkoci winery is Champion in Znojmo region

As the third in Moravia, the evaluation of the National Wine Competition - Znojmo wine subregion took place. The champion was Sauvignon blanc KLASIK 2022, a Moravian wine from the family winery Halkoci. The National Wine Competition is our highest wine competition, it takes place with a guarantee of Union of Winegrowers of the Czech Republic, with the organizational support of the National Wine Centre and the financial support of the Wine Fund.

NSV 2023 znoj

Znojemsko and Sauvignons have always belonged together and the uniqueness of this variety of wine in the specific climatic and soil conditions of Znojemsko was confirmed by this year's Champion. Sauvignon blanc KLASIK 2022, a Moravian land wine from the Halkoci winery, located in Šatov near Znojmo, became theThe winner of the category of dry white wines and earned a special prize in the form of a Seguin Moreau barrel. The winner is presented by the partners, the town of Dolní Kounice and the Brotherhood of Winemakers and Diggers 1737.

"This is the very first grape that I have processed in the new winery premises. The plan was to harvest about 5 days earlier, but we had complications with the renovation and installation of technology. At 3am we finished the last things we needed and at 7am we went into the vineyard. Not only after this beautiful success, I dare say that the grapes benefited from the longer time in the vineyard. I managed to get a wine with strictly varietal and fruity aromas, the way a Znojmo Sauvignon should be. The enthusiasm continues into the mouth, where we encounter the seductive fullness and tenacity of this wine. This is all thanks to the excellent 2022 vintage, a perfect match for all the wines that honour VOC Znojmo," said Lukáš Halkoci, owner of the winery, about the winning wine, adding: "I work very minimally in the cellar, with minimum intervention and for a long time I play with the healthy yeasts of the already fermented wines."

NSV 2023 znoj

Champion and category winners:

Category A - dry white wines

Champion and winner of the category.

Category B - semi-dry and semi-sweet white wines

Winner of the category: Muscat of Moravia 2022, late harvest - VINICE - HNÁNICE

Category C - sweet wines (white, rosé and red)

Category winner: THE DEUM laudamus (Müller Thurgau) 2021, selection of onions - RAJHRADSKÉ KLÁŠTERNÍ

Category D - rosé wines and clarets

Category winner: Cabernet Sauvignon 2022, cabinet wine - Víno Tichý

Category E - dry red wines

Winner of the category.

Category G - quality sparkling wines

Category winner: Bohemia Sekt Prestige Chardonnay brut 2019, quality sparkling wine s.o. - BOHEMIA SEKT

WineCellars Lechovice

A total of 321 wines were entered into the competition, of which 25 won major gold and 89 gold medals. The result was decided by 7 committees of wine experts who evaluated the wines on 24 August at the headquarters of the National Wine Centre - Centre of Excellence in Valtice. 297 wines advanced to the national round of the Wine Salon - National Wine Competition. The nominated wines, together with the advancing wines from the Velkopavlovice, Mikulov and Slovácké wine sub-regions, representing the Morava wine region, and the wines nominated byfrom the Bohemia wine region will compete for advancement to the finals and the title of Absolute Champion and a place in the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic, a year-round wine tasting exhibition in Valtice. The main partners of the competition are BS Wine Supplies and Ford.

Wine exhibition for the public

All the wines from the Znojmo region, which participated in the nomination round of the National Wine Competition of the Znojmo Wine Subregion, will be presented to the interested public on Saturday 2. September at 1 pm in the Cultural House in Dolní Kounice. The exhibition runs concurrently with the historical Rosa Coeli festivities of Dolní Kounice.

Znojmo wine sub-region

TheZnojmo wine sub-region owes its full-flavoured and fresh aromatic white wines to the ideal natural and climatic conditions. The cold winds from the nearby highlands, together with the thermoregulatory influence of the rivers, give Znojmo wines their unmistakable spicy flavour. Thanks to the alternation of sunny days and cooler nights, the grapes ripen more slowly, but retain their aromas and achieve high quality. Traditionally, winemakers here have achieved the best results with Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Müller Thurgau and Sauvignon. The reds are particularly popular with St. Laurent and Franconia.

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