Walnuts scored again in the Mikulov region, Garčic Winery became the champion

At the beginning of the week, the jury met for the second evaluation of the National Wine Competition in Moravia, this time over wines with grape origin in the Mikulov wine sub-region. The best wine was selected and the title of Champion was awarded to Riesling Walrus 2022, late harvest from the Garčic Winery. Our biggest and highest wine competition is held under the guarantee of the Union of Winegrowers of the Czech Republic, under the organizationaland with the financial support of the Wine Fund.

NSV 2023 mik

The champion was also the winner of the dry white wine category and, in addition to the title, his producer - Vinařství Garčic also received a special prize in the form of a Seguin Moreau barrel, which was donated to the winner by the partner town of Mikulov. Pavlovské Vinařství Garčic can also boast the best wine in the category of dry red winesn for the Cabernet Sauvignon 2021, a selection of grapes, thus dominating both of the most charged and prestigious categories of the competition.

Champion - Riesling Walrus 2022, late harvest from Garčic Winery

"The grapes come from the U Božích muk vineyard. This is one of the best vineyard tracks in Pavlov, mainly due to the higher lime content in the soil. The wines here are highly mineral and salty. The grapes ripen well here even in a bad vintage. We picked the winning Riesling Vlašský in early November and the grapes at that time were about 25% botrytised, with a sugar content of 23 CNM. You can smell a hint of citrus and raisins in the wine, complemented by a distinct metallic mineral. The taste is strongly mineral and extractive, the wine is salty and juicy on the finish," said Jan Garčic, the owner of the winery.

The fact that the Mikulov region, especially around Pálava, produces the best "vlašáky" in the Czech Republic was also confirmed by the winery Ing. Miroslav Volařík from Mikulov, whose Ryzlink vlašský 2022, selection from grapes became the best wine in the category of white semi-dry and semi-sweet wines.

Champion and category winners:

Category A - white dry wines

Champion and winner of the category.

Category B - white semi-dry and semi-sweet

Winners of the category. Miroslav Volařík

Category C - sweet wines (white, rosé and red )

Pálava 2021, selection of berries - ANNOVINO VINAŘSTVÍ LEDNICE

Category D - rosé wines and clarets

Winner of the category: Cabernet Sauvignon rosé 2022, grape selection - Střední vinořská škola Valtice

Category E - dry red wines

Winner of the category: Cabernet Sauvignon 2021, grape selection - Garčic Winery

Category G - quality sparkling wines

Winner of the category: Sekt VOC Valtice - CHÂTEAU VALTICE - Vinné sklepy Valtice

Best Collection.

A total of 655 wines from 91 winemakers and winemaking companies were entered into the competition, whose main partners are BS Wine Supplies and the Ford automobile company, which took place on 14 and 15 March. On August 14th, traditionally at the headquarters of the National Wine Centre - Centre of Excellence in Valtice, 15 committees composed of wine experts evaluated the wines. Of the wines entered, 50 were awarded large gold medals, 172 gold medals and 2 silver medals. 616 wines from the Mikulov wine sub-region advanced to the national round of the Wine Salon - National Wine Competition. The nominated wines will be nominated together with those from the Slovacka, Velkopavlovice and Znojmo wine sub-regions, representing the Moravia wine region, and the wine Bohemia, will compete for advancement to the finals and for the title of Absolute Champion and a place in the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic, a year-round wine tasting exhibition in Valtice.

Wine exhibition for the public

Traditionally, all wine lovers and those interested in the National Wine Competition will have the opportunity to taste the wines at one place.all the wines that participated in the first round of the Mikulov wine sub-region from 8. to 10 September at the Mikulov Chateau as part of the Pálava Wine Festival.

Mikulov wine sub-region

The dominant feature of the Mikulov wine sub-region is the Pálava mountain range, which rises steeply from the gently undulating landscape of the floodplain forests of the lower Podyjí. On the slopes of the limestone cliffs there are massive loads of loess, calcareous clays and sands, which give the local wines their unmistakable character. The Mikulov wine sub-region has always been dominated by Riesling, but Müller Thurgau, Chardonnay, Veltliner Green and, of course, Pálava also thrive here. In the Valtice region, Neuburg and Sylvánské zelené are also added. Of the reds, Svatovavrinecké, Frankovka, Merlot and Zweigeltrebe have gained popularity here.

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