National wine competition in Velkopavlovice dominated winery of Kamil Prokes

The evaluation of the National Wine Competition of the Velkopavlovice wine sub-region was dominated this year by the winery of Kamil Prokes. In a competition of almost 800 wines, it won the title of Champion for Riesling Walrus 2021, late harvest, in addition to winning in four other categories. The National Wine Competition is guaranteed by the Union of Winegrowers of the Czech Republic, organised by the National Wine Centre and with the financial support of the Wine Fund.

NSV VP 2023

This year's Champion, Ryzlink vlašský 2021, late harvest of Velkopavlovice winemaker Kamil Prokeš, was also the winner of the dry category.white wines and was awarded a special prize in the form of a Seguin Moreau barrel from the competition partner the town of Hustopeče. Kamil Prokeš also took the win for the best rated wine in the sweet wine category.n, dry red wines and quality sparkling wines and crowned his triumph with the award for the best collection of the competition. Kamil Prokeš thus defended last year's victory, when he won the title of Champion in the category of red dry wines. The quality of the winning winery is only underlined by the fact that it defended the title of Champion of the Velkopavlovice wine subregion after last year's success with red wine.

Champion - Ryzlink vlašský 2021, late harvest from Kamil Prokeš winery

"The wine has a noble aroma that combines notes of citrus and ripe pears with a light vanilla hint. The flavour is juicy, pleasantly fruity, creamy and mineral with a long metallic-salty finish," said the award-winning winemaker Kamil Prokeš, adding: "I accept every such success with great humility and see it as an appreciation of our daily work both in the vineyard and in the cellar. The Riesling variety is a matter of my heart and I am glad that we are able to produce high quality and distinctive wines with an unmistakable character from this variety in South Moravia. Wine, which I perceive as a perfect product of the surrounding nature, is for me a love, a way of life and a constant challenge to new knowledge, study and humility."

Champion and category winners:

Category A - dry white wines

Champion and winner of the category.

Category B - semi-dry and semi-sweet white wines

Winner of the category: Hibernal 2022, late harvest - Václav Zapletal Winery

Category C - sweet wines (white, rosé and red)

Winner of the category.

Category D - rosé wines and clarets

Winner of the category: Zweigeltrebe rosé 2022, late harvest - Sing Wine

Category E - dry red wines

Winner of the category: Pinot Noir 2021, grape selection - Vinařství Kamil Prokeš

Category G - quality sparkling wines

Winner of the category: Nicolas blanc de blancs 2020, growing sparkling wine - Vinařství Kamil Prokeš

Best Collection.

NSV VP 2023

A total of 797 wines were entered into the competition, of which 51 won major gold medals and 228 gold medals. The result was decided by 18 committees composed of wine experts who evaluated the wines on 28-30 August at the headquarters of the National Wine Centre - Centre of Excellence in Valtice. 755 wines advanced to the national round of the Wine Salon - National Wine Competition. The nominated wines, together with those from the Znojemská, Mikulovská and Slovácké wine sub-regions, representing the Morava wine region, and the wines nominated byfrom the Bohemia wine region will compete for advancement to the finals and the title of Absolute Champion and a place in the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic, a year-round wine tasting exhibition in Valtice. The main partners of the competition are BS Wine Supplies and Ford.

Wine exhibition for the public

The public has the opportunity to taste the wines entered in the nomination round of the National Wine Competition of the Velkopavlovice wine sub-region on Saturday 7. October from 12 to 8 pm in the Wine Club and the Great Hall of the Hotel Amande in Hustopeče, accompanied by dulcimer music.

Velkopavlovice wine sub-region

TheVelkopavlovice wine-growing sub-region is a landscape with a rugged topography, which rises north of Velké Bílovice into the hills of the Hustopečská hilly plateau and then gently descends in fertile plains to Brno. It is one of the sunniest and warmest places in the Czech Republic and is therefore famous for its exceptional red wines, especially Svatovavřinec and Frankovka. In the northern part, white varieties also thrive - Veltlínský zelenýPinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Tramin Red, Palava and Muscat of Moravia.

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