Main prizes of the jubilee edition of GRAND PRIX VINEX presented in the Mendel Greenhouse in Brno

The unique building of the Mendel Greenhouse in the Augustinian Abbey in Brno became the venue for the award ceremony and the presentation of the main prizes of the 30th. GRAND PRIX VINEX international competition. Attractive and valuable prizes went to the champion producers - Volařík Winery and Pavlov Winery, which won the prize for the best rated wine collection.

GPV 2023

842 samples from 158 wineries from 6 countries took part in this year's 30th edition of the competition. The winners of the prestigious competition titles were decided by 19 tasting panels from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Great Britain, Australia and South Africa on 26 and 27 April in Valtice. The main prizes of the competition were awarded to the winners on 25 May at a gala evening held in the beautiful and unique premises of the Mendel Greenhouse. For the participants of the ceremony, among whom were tasters, winemakers and partners of the competition, but also representatives of the South Moravian Region or the City of Brno, a tasting of selected competition wines was prepared.

The wines of this year's competition once again proved their high quality - a large number of wines won medals, 51 of them even won a large gold medal (min. 90 points). The title of the champion of the competition and the winner of the category of white semi-dry wines went to Vinařství from Brno Volařík from Mikulov for the Ryzlink rýnský 2021 in the category of selection of grapes from the Purmice in Perná. Ondřej Tichý, the winery's oenologist, added: "This is a wine from our top range, in which we try to reflect the terroir of the Mikulov region in the bottles. Purmice is one of our most prestigious lines. The wine is very fruity, the taste is dominated by apricot with a beautiful mineral finish. "In addition to a glass sculpture and a diploma, the producer of the champion took away a helper to the winery - a high-pressure cleaner donated to the competition by Kärcher.

The Best Collection award went to Pavlov Winery

The Best Collection award and a voucher for a Haier wine cellar went to Pavlov Winery for seven samples with an average score of 88.76 points. Another of the main prizes of the competition, the Award of the Union of Winegrowers of the Czech Republic, was won by Riesling 2021 selection from onions from the same winery. The title of Category Winner was awarded in seven of the eleven competition categories and can be enjoyed by Vý Winerymola from Mikulčice, Laurent Šatov Winery, GAZAŇ WINERY from Čejč, Pavlov Winery, Šalša Václav Winery from Kyjov and CHATEAU BZENEC. The National Winner awards went to Výmola Winery from Mikulčice, Golguz Winery from Slovakia, andHlohovec, Weingut Girsch from Hauskirchen, Austria and HedoNick Winery from Pilisvörrösvár, Hungary. The champion, the top-rated collection and the category winners were awarded prestigious prizes in the form of a glasssculptures designed by Jiří Matela, a pupil of the world-famous designer Bořek Šípek.

GPV 2023

The most represented varieties among the white wines were our domestic Pálava (75) and Riesling (74), and among the red wines Pinot Noir (42). The largest number of wines was achieved by the vintages 2022 (406), 2021 (289). However, wines of older vintages were also entered.

About the competition:

GRAND PRIX VINEX is a traditional international wine competition organized by the National Wine Centre in cooperation with the Brno Trade Fairs and the Association of Winemakers of the Czech Republic. The competition is organized with the support of the Wine Fund. The aim of the competition is to evaluate and award the best domestic and international wines represented on the Central European market at a high professional level every year. The patronage over the 30th year of the international wine competition GRAND PRIX VINEX was taken over by the Minister of Agriculture Ing. Zdeněk Nekula, the Governor of the South Moravian Region Mgr. Jan Grolich and the Mayor of the Statutory City of Brno, JUDr. Markéta Vaňková.

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South Moravian Region Governor's Award
Riesling, 2021, grape selection, Ing. Miroslav Volařík, Mikulov


Award of the General Director of BVV Trade Fairs Brno, a.s.
Vinařství Pavlov, spol. s r.o., Pavlov


Award of the Association of Winegrowers of the Czech Republic
Riesling, 2021, selection from onions, Vinařství Pavlov, spol. s r.o., Pavlov


Category A1 - Dry white wines
Pinot Blanc, 2018, VOC Bzenec, CHATEAU BZENEC, spol. s r.o., Bzenec

Category A3 - Semi-sweet white wines
Pálava, 2021, berry selection, Výmola Winery, Mikulčice

Category B2 - Rose wines (incl. clarets) other
Cabernet Sauvignon rosé, 2022, Moravian regional wine, Tomáš Lorenc / Laurent Šatov Winery, Šatov

Category C1 - Dry red wines
Merlot, 2021, grape selection, GAZAŇ WINERY s.r.o., Čejč

Category D - Naturally sweet wines
Riesling, 2021, selection from onions, Vinařství Pavlov, spol. s r.o., Pavlov

Category E1 - Sparkling wines
Muscat of Moravia, 2022, sparkling wine, VINAŘSTVÍ ŠALŠA Václav, Kyjov

Category E2 - Sparkling wines (sparkling wines)
Chateau Bzenec brut, 2018, quality sparkling wine, CHATEAU BZENEC, spol. s r.o., Bzenec


National Winner - Czech Republic
Pálava, 2021, berry selection, Výmola Winery, Mikulčice

National Winner - Slovakia
Pálava, 2021, grape selection, Vinárstvo Golguz, Hlohovec

National Winner - Austria
Weinviertel DAC, 2021, Qualitätswein, Weingut Girsch, Hauskirchen

National Winner - Hungary
Scylla, 2021, HedoNick Winery / Sváb-Pék Kft, Pilisvörösvár