Valentine's Day, the mountains, and the slaughter - February fun will be perfectly complemented by these wines

Wine is above all a pleasure, so if you drink moderately, there is no need to worry too much about the so-called dry February. National sommelier Klára Kollárová believes that a glass of wine at lunch or dinner is mind-enriching. What gems from Moravian and Czech vineyards has she selected for the month of love, Valentine's Day, for those who who are a few steps further in love, wedding planning, snow-capped mountains and traditional slaughter? Let's imagine them.


What wine not only for Valentine's Day?

Wine and chocolate. These are probably the two most common gifts we give ourselves out of love. Are you going to celebrate the holiday of love? Or is Valentine's Day a cliché for you? Either way, it's always nice to please the other person with a little something. If you're single, why not a friend, a boyfriend? Or yourself? Wines with a chocolate bouquet or a light and fragrant rosé are perfect for the occasion.

Cuvée 1+1, 2018, selection of grapes, dry, Hana Mádlová

(Velkopavlovická sub-region, Velké Bílovice, Přední hora track, 14,5 %)

"This monumental wine from a regulated harvest offers a unique experience that you want to share with your spouse. The wine has been aged for a long time only in new barriques. It has a bouquet of overripe plums, black cherries and dark chocolate liqueur cherries. On the palate the wine is deep and structured with a chocolate finish. Enjoy with chocolate."

Cabernet Sauvignon rosé, 2021, late harvest, semi-dry, Vinařství Hrozínek s.r.o.

(Mikulovská sub-region, Hlohovec, Deliče line, 11,5 %)

"It may be a cliché, but what else for Valentine's Day for a lady who is not forged in wine than a rosé with light residual sugar. Delicious aromas and flavors guarantee a good evolution of any date."

Rulandské modré/Pinot noir, 2019, selection of grapes, dry, Štěpán Maňák

(Slovácká sub-region, Hýsly, Hýselská hora, 14 %)

"A wine for the lady of your heart, elegant, seductive and sophisticated. It is made from perfectly ripe grapes. Aromas of chocolate-covered prunes and overripe figs meld into a palate that is ripe with notes of dark chocolate and strawberries."

For a wedding, for special moments and after a busy day?

Although some brides and grooms-to-be deliberately seek out the beautiful backdrop of the winter landscape for their big day, most tend to plan for this time of year. As well as the dress, suits, venue, seating arrangements and photographer, catering, including drinks, plays a big part. For special occasions, such as a wedding, national sommelier Klarara Kollárová bottles of the best wine from deliciously ripe grapes from our vineyards.

Chardonnay, 2021, late harvest, dry, Buchtovi Winery

(Velkopavlovická sub-region, Velké Pavlovice, Nadzahrady track, 12,5 %)

"The 2021 vintage was really great, which we can finally taste in the wines. You deserve this wine after a hard day or in preparation for an upcoming wedding. The wine has a beautiful golden color. The aroma is mostly fruity, you can smell citrus fruits like orange and tangerine, pear, mango and pineapple and a light spiciness. On the palate, the wine is full-bodied with a long aftertaste underlined by fresh acidity."

Ryzlink vlašský/Welschriesling, 2021, selection of onions, sweet, Vinař Jiří Uherek

(Mikulovská sub-region, Perná, Bergrus tract, 9 %)

'A wine for special moments is ideal as a treat for wedding guests or to accompany a wedding cream cake. The wine, which has an intoxicating expression of candied pineapple with honeyed raisin undertones, is sure to impress. The palate is robust with a long lingering aftertaste. This 'walnut' is destined for long archiving."

The wine that is the perfect partner to killer delicacies

Jelita, jitrnice, pork sausage, lard, lard... Meat is everywhere you look at a slaughterhouse. There are also dozens of pairs of hands - because the killings are not only a gastronomic event, but also a social one. They bring together a wide range of relatives and people from the neighbourhood. And since the pigs are usually well-fed, it is a good idea to neutralise the fatty feast with a suitable drink. Why shouldn't it be wine? We've selected both white and red, so that everyone can have a taste.

Karmazín, 2019, Moravian wine, dry, VÍNO J.STÁVEK

(Velkopavlovická sub-region, Němčičky, Růžený, 12,5 %)

'If it's a traditional slaughter, it's also a traditional variety. The best is Frankovka or Karmazín, which is the old term for this variety. And why this one? Because it always has a good acidity that can cope with the ubiquitous pork fat, helping it to survive without a gallbladder attack."

Riesling/ Welschriesling, 2020, late harvest, dry, WINERY MIKROSVÍN MIKULOV

(Mikulovská sub-region, Perná, Železná line, 12 %)

'For me, the obvious choice for the kill is white wine - our walnut. Why? Because it has high acidity, which processes the fattiness of the food, and it also smells nice, so it can accommodate all meat preparations. This one is full and opulent with higher alcohol and will stand up just fine to any shepherd. The "herbaceousness" in the aroma will make it even more wonderful with soup or with mutton."

What wine to pack for the mountains?

Mountains evoke feelings of monumentality and respect. On the one hand, their embrace can be incredibly kind, offering us wonderful experiences, but on the other hand, it can be coldly cruel. Especially during the winter, the weather can be completely unpredictable. That's why it's not uncommon to be "attacked" in the evening by a glass of wine, which has a temptingly full flavour and warms us up perfectly. And makes the perfect end to the day.

Pinot gris, 2021, selection of grapes, semi-dry, Vinařství U Kapličky s.r.o.

(Velkopavlovická sub-region, Zaječí, U Kaplicky track, 13,5 %)

'A beautiful "rulanda" for the pleasure of every wine lover with light residual sugar. The aroma has strong notes of vanilla, honey and candied pear. The palate is full-bodied, fruity with notes of overripe pear and quince and extractive with a sweet smoky note."

Merlot, 2019, Moravian wine, dry, Family winery SEDLÁK s.r.o.

(Velkopavlovická sub-region, Velké Bílovice, Přední hora track, 13,5 %)

'Keep this wine in reserve in case it snows. It will warm the body and soul with its fullness and velvety texture. It will be great with game and fruit. In the mountains, you can even have it instead of dinner."

Always the cult!

Sparkling wines never get tired, especially when the grapes for their production are produced in such abundance in Moravian and Czech vineyards. Our sparkling wines are very varied in taste, as a wide range of grape varieties are used for their preparation. Judge for yourself and taste.

Dominique blanc de noirs NV, 2019, growing sparkling wine, brut, Kamil Prokeš winery, Němčice

(Velkopavlovická sub-region, Punty line, 12,5 %)

"The aroma and taste of this quality sparkling wine is unbeatably sensual. Our wine smells of fresh small fruits - raspberries and strawberries. The taste is pleasantly refreshing with a strong expression of compote cherries and cherrycherries, with perfectly assimilated carbon dioxide creating a subtle but dynamic pearl. This wine was made by traditional bottle fermentation and aged for 30 months on fine lees.'