National Geographic attracted to Moravian and Czech wines in London!

For the third time, the Czech Republic took part in the National Geographic Traveller Food Festival in London, traditionally focused on the best food and drink from around the world, and Moravian and Czech wines were once again there. The National Wine Centre presented a selection of the Czech Republic's most attractive wineries at this important gastronomic event. The participation of our wines took place in cooperation with the Czech Tourism Centre - CzechTourism, the Tourism Centre - South Moravia and the city of Brno.


The main aim of the Czech Republic's presentation at this year's festival was to introduce world travellers to interesting destinations outside Prague. At the Czech stand, there were regular tastings of selected wines, but the highlight was the 2 guided tastings with a guided tour in the "Wine and Spirit Theatre" with the national sommelier Klára KolláKlára, who introduced the local audience to our typical varieties, i.e. Pálava, Riesling and Franconia, and the sparkling wine in the extra brut category, as sparkling wines are very popular in England.

"Thanks to everyone involved for the excellent opportunity to present the Czech Republic to the world as an exceptional destination for wine tourism. The tasting was aimed at the end consumer, taking place on both days of the fair, and although it cost an additional £6 to enter, there was a huge demand The event was very popular and the capacity of 60 participants was always quickly filled," said national sommelier Klara Kollárová, adding: "it was literally packed almost all the time even at our stand. Many visitors were impressed by the fact that the Czech Republic is a wine destination because they had no idea and were pleasantly surprised by the quality of our wines."


The festival was preceded by a Czech Soirée at the Czech Embassy in London, which was prepared by the CzechTourism representation for Great Britain withCzech partners and the aim was to commemorate this year's 30th anniversary of the establishment of the independent Czech Republic and the Czech Tourism Authority - CzechTourism. Moravian and Czech wines were again given their place here.

"The presentation of our wines had two parts, where we presented 15 wineries active on the British market. The afternoon was devoted to the professional public and wine merchants, and the evening belonged to the distinguished guests of the embassy. Among others, three Masters of Wine, Czech Lenka Sedláčková, together with Julia Harding and Demetri Walters, accepted the invitation. It is also worth mentioning Tania Olevska, who organizes the London Wine Fair, and Justin Keay, who has been writing about our wines for a long time," said Klára Kollárová.

TheNational Geographic Traveller Food Festival took place on 15 and 16 July at the London Business Design Centre and attracted more than 7,000 visitors over the two days. The festival traditionally offered a varied programme ranging from panel discussions to international food and drink demonstrations, and provided an opportunity to find out what thevisitors to immerse themselves in the world of food and enjoy culinary experiences from different and lesser-known parts of the world. Traditionally, it is the ideal source of inspiration for the most interesting trips around the world with hints on what and where to eat and drink.

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Photo source: James Gifford-Mead