Wimbledon among wine shows knows the champions!

The champions of this year's Valtice Wine Market - Wimbledon among exhibitions among white wines were Veltlínské zelené 2021 selection of grapes from Volařík Winery and among the reds the Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 late harvest barrique from Nechory Winery. Today's evaluation of the supercommission composed of the best evaluators of Moravia and Bohemia and the selection of champions in the Centre of Excellence in Valtice culminated four days of evaluation of 721 entered wines. The public and wine lovers will be able to taste top wines from all over the world on 5 and 6 May. The Valtice Wine Market is organised by the Valtice Wine Market in cooperation with the Secondary Wine School and the National Wine Centre in Valtice.

VVT 2023

In addition to the national champions 56. Zweigeltrebe/Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 barrique from the Austrian winery Neustifter was also awarded as the champion of foreign wines. This year, 721 wines from 110 winemakers and wineries were entered into this oldest wine competition with international participation in the Czech Republic.wine companies from the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovakia, but also from Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Chile, Australia, Argentina and South Africa.

721 wines from 110 winemakers and wineries

"Overall, the competition has an incredible tradition of more than one hundred and sixty years and still enjoys a truly great popularity that has not been affected even by the pandemic. Compared to most competitions in this country, it is unique in that the wines judged can be tasted by the general public and all wine lovers. Moreover, in the beautiful representative premises of the Valtice Chateau, with perfect technical facilities.with excellent technical facilities for several thousand visitors, a great accompanying programme and a wonderful friendly atmosphere. This real wine festival also has its charitable side. There will be an auction of archive champions and the proceeds will go to the children's cardiac centre in Prague. This is to emphasize that winemakers and wine lovers are true heartthrobs and also that wine has been part of our culture and healthy lifestyle for centuries and we won't let anyone take that away from us. Wines marked with medals are also a guarantee of quality and a clear recommendation for tasting," said David Št'astný, one of the organisers of the Valtice Wine Market, adding: "I would therefore like to invite all wine lovers to this unique presentation wine tasting, which will take place at the beginning of May, because there is once again something to look forward to."

VVT 2023

Exhibition of wines

The wine exhibition, where the public will be able to taste all the wines from the competition, including the champions, will take place this year from 5 to 6. May, traditionally in the renovated riding hall and the Spanish Stables of the State Chateau in Valtice, which give it an unforgettable backdrop and appropriate atmosphere. This wine festival regularly attracts almost 6 000 visitors who taste the finest wines from all over the Czech Republic and abroad.

The Valtice Wine Market is held annually as one of the most prestigious exhibitions in the country and in Europe under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and the auspices of the Minister of Agriculture Ing. Zdeněk Nekula, the South Moravian Region, the Senate of the Czech Republic, the towns of Valtice and Břeclav and with the support of the Wine Fund, SZIF and other important partners.

More info at www.vinnetrhy.cz and on Facebook.