WINERY OVČÁČÍK, Václav Ovčáčík

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About the winery

Focus on appellation wines, integrated grape and wine production. The wines of the family company Vinařství Ovčáčík, produced in the wine cellars in Velehrad, come exclusively from the own production of grapes grown in the village of Tupesy, vineyard "Staré Hory". This vineyard, which is part of the Chřiby Nature Park, is considered to be the most valuable in the region.

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Production information

Basic information

  • Yearly production
    6 000 bottles
  • Area of vineyards
    2,7 ha
  • Price range
    125-2000 CZK

Produced white wine varieties
Produced varieties of red wines
Produced wine categories
    Selection of berries, Selection of grapes, Late harvest, Kabinet wine
Achieved awards

Silver medals at VINOFORUM 2001, 2002 TOP 77 in 2004 (2004-2005)

Specialties in the menu

Selections from berries

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