Kvevri, qvevri or also "orange wine"

Kvevri literally translated from Georgian means "to bury" or "buried" and is used to refer to ceramic amphorae for wine production using the so-called Kakheti method (Kakheti is a region in eastern Georgia). This method has been used to produce wine in Georgia for about 8,500 years. This is an absolute return to the production and historical roots of wine.

The processed grapes and their tassels are placed in earthenware containers buried in the ground, which are then sealed. The clay from which these amphorae are made is special and cannot be found anywhere outside Georgia. It contains a high proportion of natural silver and thus has desirable antibacterial effects. In the amphorae, the grapes ferment and then ripen for 3-6 months without any intervention, but they can also remain in the amphorae for several years. The resulting wines are usually fermented dry and are not filtered, clarified or sulphurised during bottling. It is therefore an absolutely natural product.

The colour of kvevri wines is very rich, often with orange or amber hues, which are imparted by fermentation together with the skins. Their character is thus more reminiscent of red wines.

You don't have to go all the way to Georgia to taste wines made in this way. Moravian winemakers have also succumbed to the charm of such wines and are producing them successfully. A Kvevri Club, a group of friends of traditional wine production in Kvevri clay amphorae, has even been formed. Although this production process is not easy, winemakers are willingly undertaking it and improving it, not least because of the ever-increasing demand for natural wines.

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