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The first WOC appellation system in the Mikulov wine sub-region was introduced by the VOC Mikulovsko z.s., which was established in October 2004. The founders of V.O.C. Mikulovsko z.s. were Ing. Petr Marcinčák BA, Ing. Hynek Holánek and Mr. Vojtěch Huserek. The demanding approval system for granting the WOC Mikulovsko label was successfully completed in 2011. The Mikulov sub-region has thus for the first time gained the opportunity to offer consumers wines with a guarantee of origin, high quality and originality confirmed by the winemakers themselves.

Thanks to the high quality and diversity of the vineyard routes in the Mikulov wine sub-region, the founders included six typical varieties in the appellation system, which are traditionally grown here and achieve exceptional quality. They are Pálava, Rhine Riesling, Welschriesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. The wines may only be produced from selected and registered vineyards and must have an original regional character.

Conditions for inclusion of wines in the Mikulovsko VOC

The Roman way of labelling is a system of looking at the quality of wine according to the place of origin of the grapes, which gives the wines a unique, unmistakable character The wines must also meet strictly defined and controlled criteria.

Wines with the VOC Mikulovsko are wines with guaranteed origin and quality.

The grapes for their production can only come from registered vineyards.

The wines must be produced only from grapes grown in the Mikulov wine sub-region in registered vineyards.

The bottling of wines can only be carried out by a member of the VOC Mikulovsko z.s.

Wines may be produced from grapes of a quality corresponding to that of quality wines and the must for the production of wine must have a minimum sugar content of 21° according to the standardised must gauge.

Vineyards must be cultivated in a nature-friendly way. As a minimum, an integrated production system is required.

The yield must not exceed 2,5 kg per bush.

The grapes can only be picked by hand.

The wine ageing must not be carried out by the "barrique" method.

Apple-milk fermentation is allowed.

The wines will be bottled in a maximum of 0.75 l and 1.5 l bottles.

Bottles may only be closed with a good quality cap.

Wines for selection must be already bottled and are evaluated by a committee of selected tasters approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic.

The bottles must be fitted with a special tape with the VOC Mikulovsko logo and a numerical code, which is placed on the neck of the bottle and cover part of the cork.

Wines intended for the award of the VOC Mikulovsko designation must meet the requirements of the law.

Varieties of VOC Mikulovsko

Winemakers nominate only wines that meet strict conditions to the Mikulovsko VOC system; a summary of these conditions is provided in the document Conditions and Rules for Granting the Mikulovsko VOC Label. According to these rules, the tasting panels then select the most typical wines for the variety.

The VOC designation is similar to appellation systems used in other wine-producing countries such as France (AOC), Italy (DOC) and Austria (DAC). After the Second World War, the Germanic way of labelling wine began to take hold in some European wine-growing countries, where the attributes (quality wine, cabinet, late harvest, selection of grapes...) tell only how many degrees of sugar content the grapes from which the wine was made had. The Germanic system was introduced in Germany after World War II, in Austria in the 1970s and in the Czech Republic by a new wine law in 1994.

Both marking systems exist in parallel. With the introduction of the appellation (Romanesque) system, the Mikulovsko VOC in the Mikulov region is returning to the traditional wine labelling used in Moravia until the middle of the last century. Information about the quality and character of the wine is encoded for the consumer at the place of origin.

The VOC Mikulovsko designation is also the only way to prevent counterfeiting of Moravian wines.

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Founded in: 2011

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