Kutná Hora Wine Trail

Characteristics of the trail

The educational wine-cycle trail is under 6 km in length and is the first of its kind in Bohemia. The signposted cycle trail connects the historical centre of Kutná Hora with the seven-hectare vineyard below the hill of Sukov.

Description of the trail

The route sets out from the square Palackého in Kutná Hora and leads to the vineyard beneath Sukov hill on the northern periphery of the town. Winemaking has a centuries-old tradition in Kutná Hora, the oldest entry on the subject is in the Cosmas chronicle dating from 1101. However, the replanting process of the vineyards below Sukov hill did not begin until 1977. Grape varieties such as Roter Traminer and Saint Laurent are best suited for planting on the medium-hard, stony-sand soils that are prevalent in the area. 

kutná hora

The faded glory of local winemaking is nowadays successfully being undertaken and reanimated by the Vinné sklepy Kutná Hora company.