EGO No. 77 Tramín červený

Chateau Winery Bzenec s.r.o.
EGO No. 77 Tramín červený

EGO No. 77 Tramín červený, 2022

Chateau Winery Bzenec s.r.o.
White wine
Traminer red
Late harvest

About winemaker

ZÁMECKÉ VINAŘSTVÍ BZENEC s.r.o. supplies quality quiet Moravian wines to the domestic and foreign market. Emphasis is placed on varietal characteristics, technological purity and modern expression of all produced wines. It offers wines with a unique and unmistakable varietal taste and aroma, which come from grapes with guaranteed origin of the Morava wine region, from selected wine-growing villages of three sub-regions: Mikulovská, Slovenská, Znojmo. For the production of original Moravian wines today, the Bzenec Chateau Winery uses the most modern winemaking technologies. Using controlled fermentation technology combined with a distinctive approach, it produces wines of the highest quality that have their own "soul". THE DECORATIVE CELLAR The beautiful historical premises of the castle cellar directly encouraged to think about how to use the potential of the intricate corridors and beautiful corners. Now we have a new tasting room, which we have placed in one of the most beautiful rooms of the cellar. Original walls and vaults, solid oak furniture and elegant lighting. They make for a perfect combination and architectural harmony.

Basic characteristics of wine

Gewürztraminer or Traminer rot is white wine. More precisely, it is a variety of white wine. So why is it called red? This is due to the reddish colour of the grapes. It is grown in all sub-areas, most of which can be found in the Velkopavlovice, Bzenec, Mikulov or Čáslav or Most regions. As with Pálava, Traminer will show its beauty, aroma and spiciness especially in the dry version.

Wine profile