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Fourteen vintage events have already passed, during which the Stanislav Málek Winery in Popice has managed to prepare wines in harmony with nature, which have given lovers of this drink a glimpse into the mood of the local region. Thus, since 2002, a collection of wines has regularly come into the public consciousness, during the tasting of which you will find clear, easy to read but complex and full-bodied, pure and, last but not least, varietally characteristic attributive wines.

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  • Parking for 10 cars
  • Parking for 1 bus
  • Offer own wines
  • WC in the facility
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Production information

Basic information

  • Yearly production
    10 000 bottles
  • Area of vineyards
    4 ha
  • Price range
    170-220 CZK

The Málek family vineyard manages 4 ha of vineyards in the Svidrunk and Mitrberk lines, located in the village of Popice at the foot of the Hustopeč hills. Popice is one of the villages with a long wine-growing tradition - the coat of arms with the image of a lion leaning on a grape suggests that wine-growing was and is an important characteristic of the village. The vineyards of the Málek family are planted on loess soils, which, thanks to the proximity of the Pálava Hills, are characterised by a high lime content, which gives rise to wines with an unmistakable distinctive character. Careful green work, reduction of grapes, manual gentle harvesting and patience in the cellar have brought the wines of the winegrower and cellar master Stanislav Malek to the festive tables of Prague Castle and to awards for example at the IWC in San Francisco (for Veltliner Green and Pálava 2009). The winery focuses on varieties that regularly achieve high quality in the region and has recently begun to expand its original area with an emphasis on white varieties - most recently the addition of Pinot Blanc. Investment in vineyards has been followed by investment in technology and cellars. In a new technological cellar directly under the Mitrberk line, the winery produces around 10,000 bottles a year. The range includes straw wine and, for the first time in the 2008 vintage, ice wine from the Frankovka variety. The wines are available in some of Prague's best restaurants (the Municipal House's French Restaurant, the U orloje Restaurant), in the Krkonoše hotels Harmony and Horizont, but also, for example, in Šupina in Třeboň, in the Solná brána hotel in České Budějovice or in the Aria hotel in Prague's Lesser Town, one of the most luxurious boutique hotels in the world. Guided tastings can be arranged for groups of 5 to 25 people in the newly renovated comfortable tasting cellar with the possibility of experiential gastronomy or sitting on the summer terrace with barbecue. Visitors should not miss a tour of the perfectly toasted vineyards. In 2011, the winery completed the expansion of the production facilities by connecting to another cellar and is preparing the construction of a new wine yard with a guest house with twenty beds.

Produced white wine varieties
Produced varieties of red wines
Produced wine categories
    Late harvest, Selection of grapes, Selection of berries, Straw wine
Achieved awards

Vinum Juvenale 2015 - Veltliner Green p.s., Chardonnay p.s., Pálava v.h. - silver medal, For the Hustopeč Seal 2016 - Veltlínské zelené p.s. gold medal, Ryzlink vlašský p.s. silver medal, Vinařské Litoměřice 2016 - Pálava v.h. gold medal, Zweigeltrebe rosé p.s. silver medal, Mikulovské vinné trhy 2016 - Chardonnay p.s. and Veltlínské zelené p.s. gold medal, Pálava v.h. silver medal, Zweigeltrebe rosé p.s. bronze medal, Pardubice Wine Festival 2016 - Veltlínské zelené p.s. silver medal, Count Chotek's Basket 2016 - Pinot Blanc v.h. champion of the show, Veltlínské zelené p.s. and Savignon p.s. gold medal

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Ice and straw wine

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