GRAND PRIX VINEX 2019 - invitation of participation for winemakers and merchants

Dear winemakers, merchants and wine dealers, we invite you to participate in the 26th year of the GRAND PRIX VINEX wine competition. The GRAND PRIX VINEX is a traditional, international wine competition held in the Czech Republic. The objective of this competition is to give a highly professional assessment and honour to the best European and world wines present in the Central European region market. The prestige of this competition given in the professional performance is enhanced by the original trophies for the Champion, the best collection winner and category winners designed by the world-famous artist Bořek Šípek and also the prize for the Champion - a professional wine cooler and a high pressure cleaner for the applicant of best collection. The assessment takes place on 29-30 April in the National Wine Center in Valtice and public wine tasting on 25-26 May in Brno. Deadline for entry: April 10, 2019.

Why participate in GRAND PRIX VINEX 2019? 
•    GRAND PRIX VINEX is a traditional, prestigious, international wine competition held in the Czech Republic - already in its 26th year.
•    Wines will be assessed by an international committee of renowned wine tasters in the National Wine Centre in Valtice.
•    Wine assessment will be carried out on the platform of the computer system ELWIS, for wine assessment, which was developed in the National Wine Centre.
•    The standard of the competition is guaranteed by the team of experienced professionals of the National Wine Centre. The competition is held in conjunction with the BVV Trade Fairs Brno and the Czech Grape and Wine Producers´ Association.
•    The competition meets the National standards of wine competitions in the Czech Republic.
•    Medals will be awarded according to points reached:
        silver medal min. 84 points
        gold medal min. 87 points
        grand gold medal min. 90 points.
•    Additionally the “Champion”, category winners, the best wine collection and national winners for the countries that registered at least 10 wines will be declared.
•    "Champion", the best collection and category winners will receive prestigious trophies - originals designed by world-renowned artist Bořek Šípek.
•    Producer of the wine with the title "Champion" will receive a professional wine cooler from the competition partner, the THERMOTECHNIKA BOHEMIA company.
•    Producer of the Best Collection will receive a high pressure cleaner from the competition partner, the KÄRCHER company.

What can an award from the GRAND PRIX VINEX competition bring you?
•    Entry in the competition catalogue and presentation of your wine at the international sales exhibition in Brno. At the tasting and in the catalogue will only be listed wines with the minimum score, 80 points (or higher point limit).
•    Rising prestige and value of your wine among wine dealers and the wine public.
•    The right to affix appropriate medal stickers to your bottles and the possibility to show the award reproduced in your promotional materials.
•    Award promotion among media partners and in the PR activities connected with the competition.

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