Cycling around Valtice

The cycle route that you can find in the video includes a much longer journey through the Mikulov region than just the area around Valtice, and it is up to you whether you complete the whole route or choose a shorter version.

Route Information

It starts in the wine-growing village of Pavlov, one of the most beautiful Moravian villages with historic buildings in the style of the Peasant Baroque, located on the banks of the Novomlýnský reservoir below the ruins of Děvičky Castle. Those who come here are happy to return again.


This very pleasant cycle path leads to Lednice

The first part of the trail leads along the road towards Milovice and Bulhary. It is more or less flat, so it is a great trip for families with children. In Bulhary, you can make a refreshment stop at the Dietrichstein Court and visit the local wine growers. Be careful not to spoil your journey at the end of the village by taking the main road to the right - you have to go straight on! Then you will be greeted by beautiful nature - first the paths along the banks of the Dyje, then you will be surrounded by deep meadows and groves full of ponds and wetlands that make up the Pastvisko National Nature Monument. This very pleasant cycle path leads to Lednice, more precisely to the Lednice-Valtice area, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It would be pointless to write about the beauty of Lednice Castle and Park - it is one of our most visited tourist destinations. Therefore, just a practical reminder - to see all the incredible buildings scattered in the local countryside such as the Temple of Diana, the Temple of Apollo, the Three Graces, John's Castle, the Border Castle, the Colonnade and others can only be done by bike, on foot it would be a superhuman feat. How to include all of them in an easy route - see the attached file, which you can import into

Lednice-Valtice area

You cannot miss the Wine Salon, hidden in the cellars

In any case, the next highlight of this journey awaits you - the town of Valtice, dominated by a beautiful Baroque castle. Park your bike in the bike-parking area in front of it and go for a tour. You cannot miss the Wine Salon, hidden in the cellars. It is a collection of hundreds of the best Moravian and Czech wines of previous years, which you can also taste and buy. A pleasant stop for wine lovers will also be the nearby Wine Emergency Room or the Wine Barn. From there, the path leads up a fairly steep hill (feel free to push your bike for a while, the end is worth it!). The colonnade at Reistna nad Valticemi is undoubtedly a building that will take your breath away.

From here you can continue along the Iron Curtain Trail to Mikulov, as you will see in the video. Whether you take the whole route or just part of it, it's sure to be a trip you will never forget!


Cycling around Valtice - Map
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Cycling around Valtice - Short - Map
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