Rulandské šedé

Jeviněv winery
Rulandské šedé

Rulandské šedé, 2020

Jeviněv winery
White wine
Pinot Gris
Land wine

About winemaker

By the control of fate, in the mid-nineties Ing. Štěpán Sedlák in Jeviněves a house with a plot of land, which used to be a historical vineyard of the Chotk family. Jeviněves is an interesting, long forgotten place on the wine map of Mělník. In the annals of the Memorial of National Literature, the cultivation of vines in Jeviněves is documented in 1295. Since 1698, the Chotkas farmed here and it is known that, for example, in the 19th century, they used a significant part of the local wine for their own consumption and bottled and sold a smaller part as Jeviněvský riesling and Jeviněvské red cabinet wine. After 1918 the state became the owner of the land, it was managed by the State Farm Lány and later it was the school vineyard of the Agricultural College. When the school farm was transferred to Mělník, the Jeviněv vineyard was abandoned. The six-hectare vineyard on a beautiful steep slope with ash bedrock is gradually being restored and managed from winter pruning to harvest by Ing. Štěpán Sedlák. Ing. Roman Bouška is his partner in grape processing and wine production. Using classic, purely natural methods and natural yeasts in stainless steel tanks with floating lids, he produces several varietal wines, clarets and Chateu Jevín red cuvée. The white musts are not chilled, the reds are fermented in open vats, only some batches undergo malolactic fermentation. Only a minimum of sulphur is used throughout the process. The wine is primarily for friends and their friends, with thousands of bottles a year going on sale. In 2014, the Jeviněv winery is expected to expand with a farmhouse directly below the vineyard renovated into production, tasting and accommodation facilities.

Basic characteristics of wine

Pinot Gris is known all over the world. Pinot comes from the French pin as the pine cone resembles the shape of a pinot grape. Pinot Gris is also interesting by the fact that although it is a white wine, the color of the grape is almost blue, more precisely gray-blue-red. It is widespread in all sub-areas, mostly in the Velkopavlovice region.

Wine profile