Czech winery Chrámce s.r.o.

Tramín, 2019

Czech winery Chrámce s.r.o.
White wine
Traminer red
Late harvest

About winemaker

České vinařství Chrámce, s. r. o. is a family winery managing in an integrated way 75 ha of average thirty-five-year-old vineyards in Chrámce and Most and is the largest producer of wines from its own grapes in the Bohemia wine region. In 1969, winemaker Ivan Váňa and his colleagues planted the first new vineyards in Chrámce on the former State Farm Most, in the 1980s in Most on Špičák Hill, on the Hrabák quarry spoil heap and in 2004 on Hněvín Hill, where medieval basalt terraces are still preserved. White wines are aged in stainless steel tanks, red wines in oak barrels, and around two thousand litres a year are aged in barrique barrels. The winery's speciality is kosher wines (about 10% of production). According to the regulations in force, kosher wine may only be produced by an orthodox Jew. No non-kosher substances may be added to the wine (animal gelatine-based clarifiers, etc.) and no treatments are allowed except sulphurisation and the use of bentonite. Kosher wines are kept in barrel for a long time (red wines for three years or more). For religious reasons, they are pasteurised at 87 °C before bottling. The company has been marketing these wines since 1994 to Jewish communities and other kosher wine lovers from the Czech Republic and abroad. In 2010, the tradition of an Open House at Temples was established on the last Saturday in May and a Burčák Festival is held there in October. The winery has remained a family business despite its expansion (it now has 32 employees).

Basic characteristics of wine

Gewürztraminer or Traminer rot is white wine. More precisely, it is a variety of white wine. So why is it called red? This is due to the reddish colour of the grapes. It is grown in all sub-areas, most of which can be found in the Velkopavlovice, Bzenec, Mikulov or Čáslav or Most regions. As with Pálava, Traminer will show its beauty, aroma and spiciness especially in the dry version.

Wine profile