Chardonnay No.2

Winery Juřeník & Žďárský s.r.o.
Chardonnay No.2

Chardonnay No.2, 2017

Winery Juřeník & Žďárský s.r.o.
White wine
Velké Pavlovice
Late harvest

About winemaker

Juřeník & Žďárský Winery was founded in 2012. However, we have been producing wine since 2008, when the hobby gradually gave birth to the desire to give a taste of Brod wine not only to family and friends, but also to other people. We are a small young winery with an annual production of around 10 000 bottles of wine. However, this allows us to afford to give our wines the greatest care. We use the most modern and gentle technologies available on the world market to process our wines. We also take care to use high quality natural preparations without any harmful substances or allergens. Currently, I source berries from carefully selected Czech suppliers. However, we have our big dream. To plant our own vineyards and thus restore the tradition of winemaking that has been in this region for centuries. Our shield is the slogan "With respect for nature and tradition" Therefore, it is the quality of the raw material, gentle processing and love for the craft that gives rise to exquisite wines that are suitable for gastronomy and for every special, but also tiny moment of our lives.

Basic characteristics of wine

The variety comes from Burgundy, France. Chardonnay is an exceptional quality white wine and is widespread almost all over the world. We can also find it in all subregions, especially in the Mikulov, Slovácko or Mělnicko regions.

Wine profile