Rulandské modré

AGRA Horní Dunajovice a.s.
Rulandské modré

Rulandské modré, 2021

AGRA Horní Dunajovice a.s.
Red wine
Pinot Noir
Late harvest

About winemaker

AGRA Horní Dunajovice, a. s. has taken over the tradition of the former agricultural cooperative and manages a total of 3 190 hectares of agricultural land, of which about 100 hectares are mostly young or continuously renewed vineyards (average age is 15-16 years). The size of the vineyards makes the company one of the most important grape growers in the Znojmo region. The vineyards are situated in the northern part of the Znojmo sub-region on the gentle southern slopes around the villages of Horní Dunajovice, Želetice, Tvořihráz and Výrovice. In the cadastres of the municipalities of Horní Dunajovice and Výrovice, water reservoirs have been built for recreation and also for drip irrigation of vineyards (about 2/3 of the total area is under irrigation). The reservoirs and vineyards are connected by cycle paths. The vineyard lines Stará Hora, Frédy and Na vinici are well known to the customers of Bohemia Sekt, where AGRA supplies most of its grapes (for example, the Tramín, Pálava and Veltliner Green grape varieties form complete lots of still wines in Bohemia Sekt). The winegrower is Ing. Leoš Jakubec. In the vineyard part of the company, new large-volume wagons for transporting grapes have recently been purchased. AGRA processes a small part of the harvest with modern technologies in its own cellar with a capacity of around 15,000 litres of wine. New containers have recently been added to the cellar due to slightly increasing production. Although wine production is only a complementary part of the company's activities, the range of wines regularly includes 10 to 15 types of bottled wines - quality, premium and vintage. In 2015, the winery expanded its plantings with 4.8 hectares of Veltliner made from Austrian and Znojmo clones and in 2016 with 1.9 hectares of Sauvignon in a combination of three clones.

Basic characteristics of wine

It is said that Pinot Noir came to us in the 14th century during the reign of Charles IV. However, the authenticity of this information has never been proven. In our country, it is grown in all wine-growing subregions, the most widespread is in the Velkopavlovice and Mikulov regions. Pinot Noir from the vicinity of Mělník, Litoměřice, in Moravia from the Bzenecko and Mutěnice regions are excellent.

Wine profile