25 May - National Wine and Health Day

"Winemakers are heartbreakers" and adequate wine consumption is good for your health. This is the motto of the National Wine and Health Day, which is commemorated not only by winemakers every May 25 on the feast of St. Urban, the patron saint of winemakers. It is not only on this day that they follow the legacy of the famous cardiologist Professor Milan Šamánek, who was one of the first CzechCzech promoters, alongside a number of foreign doctors, of moderate consumption of wine as a healthful drink.

narodni den zdravi

"National Wine and Health Day reminds us that we should be able to stop, relax and take time for ourselves. We often have health somewhat inversely linked to medicine, i.e. moments when health is no longer available. But being healthy and feeling healthy also means enjoying nice moments with family or friends without stress over a glass of good Moravian or Czech wine," said David Šťastný, a winemaker and close friend of Professor Šamánek, who has decided to continue his work to promote a healthy lifestyle, common sense and cooperation between winemakers. " However, not always and not everyone has their health in their own hands, which is why theNational Day of Knowing Health Dayalso has a charitable dimension, helping sick children," added David Št'astný.

Wine rose

The symbol of the National Wine and Health Day is the "wine rose", which will again be sold for 100 crowns at winemakers, wine events or e-shops. The proceeds of this event will go to the Children's Cardiac Centre in Motol, which was one of the first in the world to be founded by Professor Šamánek. In addition to the purchase of a rose, it will also be possible to contribute to the National Wine Centre's transparent account(Account No.: 2002213973/2010 Fio Banka)


Wine and health and wine pairing

But wine and health is not just about one day. This project and this theme also includes other activities. The National Wine Centre in Valtice, for example, is organising a conference on 27 May entitled 'Wine and Health and the Pairing of Wines with Marcel Ihnačák's Culinary Specialities'. As a speaker at the conference and a popularizer of appropriate wine consumption from the medical capacity, Professor Jan Pirk took over the baton from Professor Milan Šamánek. The association of wine with the leading Czech cardiologist is not accidental, a number of international studies have documented the positive effects of wine on the human heart, not only on the heart. The conference will be accompanied by an eight-course menu full of culinary specialties of the famous chefchef's cuisine paired with great domestic wines and a subsequent visit to the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic.

International Conference - VINO EDUCA

In Mikulov on 2. VINO EDUCA, an international conference, will take place in Mikulov on 2June as part of the European Football Championship for winemakers, which will bring together brings together experts from various European countries, both from partner wine or viticulture universities and experts from other disciplines. One of the conference blocks will be health and healthcare, or the topic "Positive aspects of appropriate wine consumption in the context of medical disciplines".



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