Šakvic Woodpecker Party

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Just as in the summer you can meet winemakers on the Z ďůrky do ďůrky journey, there is also an event prepared for you in autumn - this time under the name Ďůrkobraní. Experienced visitors certainly do not need to be introduced to this event. For those who want to visit us for the first time, however, we have brief information.
  • Date
    September 30, 2023
  • City
  • Place description
    sklepy místních vinařů


Další popis

In Šakvice, we simply call open cellars "woodpeckers". And they invite you to delicious homemade bourch on this date. It is always homemade bourbon - no foreign (water) patoques! Often it happens that the winemaker is pressing and so he will offer you fresh juice directly from the press.

At 12:00 there will be an opening ceremony in front of the Shakvická sokolovna and then the visitors will run around the woodpeckers, where they will get to taste the bubbly in exchange for their vouchers. The order of the gums depends on everyone, so you can always return to your favourite winemaker. They'll usually offer you some wine or liquor to drink - if you haven't already drunk everything on your journey from gnatcatcher to gnatcatcher. If you make a deal with the winemaker, you can spend the rest of the evening in his cellar, asking how it is that his drink is the best of all. If you haven't had enough after 5 hours of bourbon tasting, you can stay for the Bourčák party that follows in the Sokol Hall (on Main Street).

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