What does the designation VOC mean?


Wines of Original Certification or WOC (Vína originální certifikace or VOC for short in Czech) are specifically those that have been produced from grapes originating exclusively from vineyards situated in approved areas in a given wine region. The winemakers themselves select the specific vineyard sites that are the most suited to the production of VOC wines.

This strict selection of vineyard sites with original soil composition gives to the wine its unique characteristics. Only the most typical grape varieties for a given region are permitted to be included in the VOC system. The winemakers themselves, within the framework of their authorised associations, verify the origin of their grapes and the character of the wine produced from them.

The VOC wine designation exists in parallel with the so-called Germanic system of classifying wines into quality wines, quality wines with special attributes, etc. The VOC system is analogous to the appellation system used in other wine-producing countries, such as France (AOC/P), Italy (DOC/P) or Austria (DAC). Whereas the Germanic system determines the quality of a wine primarily from the sugar level of the grapes at the time of the harvest, the appellation (Roman) system concentrates on the expression of the diverse characteristics of a given variety in the place where it is grown.

What does the designation VOC mean?

  • Wines from varieties typical to a given wine region.
  • The grapes originate only from carefully chosen positions (vineyard sites).
  • The terroir – a combination of the soil and climatic conditions of the place of origin, grape varieties and the type of viti-viniculture – is reflected in the wines.
  • The winemakers themselves assess the wines (members of the authorised VOC associations) and decide whether or not a certain wine fulfils the character of a VOC wine.

What is exceptional about VOC?

First and foremost this means the specific natural conditions, the unique soil composition and the declared origin of the grapes. All these factors, supported by the skill, care and sensitivity of the local winemakers, give to a VOC wine its distinctive and original character, which does not change from bottle to bottle. Customers especially value the fact that their VOC wine will be just as they expected it to be every year. VOC wines manifest the flavours that are typical to the given wine region.