Cycling around Hustopeče

This time it is not a cycling circuit - we will cycle through a piece of South Moravia from Rakvice to Židlochovice near Brno. As both end points are close to the same railway line, we can, for example, take the train to Rakvice from Brno and cycle back between vineyards and picturesque wine villages along a route full of impressive panoramas.

Route Information

Right at the beginning we can enjoy a glass of good wine in Rakvice in a nice wine shop of one of the most famous Moravian winemakers or in the beautiful cellars of the Wine House. Over the vineyard tracks on Přítlucká hora you will reach the lookout tower Maják, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view to Pálava above the Novomlýnská reservoir. After that, we will have a wonderful descent to the wine-growing village of Zaječí with a distinctive landmark of a fortified church. Here too we will pass through the cellar alleys above the village and descend to the Novomlýn reservoir and picturesque Šakvice, and then to Hustopeče.


In the Renaissance house U Synků you will find a wine exposition with tasting of local wines

Hustopeče was the centre of Moravian winemaking in the Middle Ages. Today it is an ideal base for wine tourists, from where we can take trips to all Moravian wine sub-regions.  In the Renaissance house U Synků you will find a wine exposition with tasting of local wines. We will then pass through the cellar alley just above the square in Na Hradbách Street.

Beyond Hustopeče, it is definitely worth a trip between the vineyards to the architecturally unique and renowned Sonberk and Gotberg wineries, where you can see the Pálava like nowhere else.

The wine-growing villages of Uherčice, Velké Němčice and Nosislav follow in short succession, with the road lined with historic and modern cellars. And if you started with the lookout tower in Židlochovice, which is an important wine-growing locality, we can look at the region from a different perspective from the Acacia lookout tower and breathe contentedly over a glass of regional wine in the local information centre.


Cycling around Hustopeče - Map
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Cycling around Hustopeče - Short - Map
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