Winery Ladislav Langr

Dornfelder, 2021

Winery Ladislav Langr
Red wine
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About winemaker

Ladislav Langr has been involved in winemaking since he was 15 years old, when he made his first wine. His parents gave him the choice to become a miner or to go into farming.He chose the second option and ended up working for 20 years in the Moravian Winery Mikulov. Agriculture became his destiny and in 1995 the current family winery Langr was founded. We can boast vineyards from 1965, but also newly planted vineyards with a total area of 5 hectares. Wine is born in the vineyard, not in the cellar, which is why we try to give all our care to the vineyards and then process the grapes only in our small family winery. We process grapes from our vineyards as well as from other growers, but only from the municipality of Dolní Věstonice.This makes our winery exceptional and limits itself to certain varieties of white and red wines. The grapes are processed using traditional methods without controlled fermentation using natural yeasts. The winery makes do with the help of family members, especially his wife Blanka and daughters Pavlína and Blanka. Our aim is to introduce our customers to the unique flavours and aromas of our fresh wines, which are aged on the limestone bedrock of the local vineyards below the Pálava Hills. The winery specializes in small batches of around 2500 bottles of wines. We recommend Pálava, Riesling, Neuburg, Müller Thurgau, Veltliner Green, which are the most typical varieties of Dolní Věstonice. The headquarters of the company can be found at 156 Cellar Street in a historic cellar from 1869, which Mr. Langr inherited from his parents. Here you can taste all our wines. Smaller groups can arrange a tasting directly in the cellar, for larger groups we provide facilities in our wine bar with accommodation and home cooking. You can also stay at the U Vody campsite, which is part of our premises about 150m away from the cellar. This makes our winery exceptional and limited to only certain varieties of white and red wines. The grapes are processed using traditional methods using natural yeasts without controlled fermentation. The first bottled vintage was 2001, a qualitative leap came in 2008 when we bottled the 2007 vintage for the first time on a mobile

Basic characteristics of wine

Dornfelder is a German variety and it is still a very important blue variety. However, we also meet it more and more often in our country where it is very successful thanks to optimal climatic conditions. In our country it is grown mainly in Moravia, it thrives most in the Velkopavlovice, Mikulov and Slovácko regions.

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