Rulandské šedé

Vinea Znojmo, spol. s r.o.
Rulandské šedé

Rulandské šedé, 2020

Vinea Znojmo, spol. s r.o.
White wine
Pinot Gris
Selection of grapes

About winemaker

Vinea Znojmo, spol. s r. o. was founded in 1993 by Ing. Mojmír Vychodil, CSc. Professional traditions and previous work in the cooperative led him to establish his own winery, which was taken over by his son Mojmír in 2009. Vinea Znojmo manages, with the help of five permanent employees, 60 hectares of average seventeen-year-old vineyards spread over vineyard tracks in the cadastre of several wine-growing villages. The most famous route is Kraví hora, which is one of the best in the Znojmo region, followed by Pod Lesem in Popice and Načeratický hill in Oblekovice. The vineyards have been managed under the integrated production system since 2000. From a wide range of varieties, the winery selects the best grapes for processing to produce about 4 - 5 000 bottles per year. The main activity of the company is the sale of grapes. For its own production, Vinea Znojmo purchased a cellar with a typical "gothic" vault dug in clay sandstone in Nový Šaldorf in 1995. The cellar is 65 metres long, has two parallel corridors and in some places is up to 20 metres below the surface, which helps to maintain a constant temperature favourable to the ageing of the wine. A year after the acquisition of the cellar, Vinea Znojmo focused on completing the press room and equipping the cellar with modern technologies. Stainless steel tanks, grinders for gentle removal of shavings and a modern press were added to the cellar. The winery has traditional wooden oak and acacia barrels for aging wine. Since 2009, the entire production has been declared, for simplicity, as earth wines.

Basic characteristics of wine

Pinot Gris is known all over the world. Pinot comes from the French pin as the pine cone resembles the shape of a pinot grape. Pinot Gris is also interesting by the fact that although it is a white wine, the color of the grape is almost blue, more precisely gray-blue-red. It is widespread in all sub-areas, mostly in the Velkopavlovice region.

Wine profile