Veltlínské zelené

Winery Dobrovolný
Veltlínské zelené

Veltlínské zelené, 2020

Winery Dobrovolný
White wine
Grüner Veltliner
Wines of certified origin (VOC)

About winemaker

The original profession of agronomist gave in the case of Ing. Josef Dobrovolný gave rise to an unmissable winery, which cooperates closely with another winemaker and viticulturist Vladimír Motl. The family winery of Josef Dobrovolný owns older vineyards in the vicinity of Znojmo and newly planted vineyards on Kraví hora. The vineyards are managed by Vladimír Motl, who also owns 15 hectares on Kraví hora and the grapes from them are also the basis for production in the winery of Ing. Dobrovolný. Josef Dobrovolný concentrates on the traditional Znojmo range of mainly white varieties. The wines are processed using classical methods combined with modern methods in the cellar alley of the Blue Cellars, where, in addition to the production cellar, the winery also has an archive cellar, rooms for guest seating and, since 2011, a stylish guesthouse. The winery has recently equipped itself with a new receiving line, pneumatic press, cross flow filter, callolis and new vessels. The new technology and better control over the entire vinification process immediately showed in the wines and the annual production increased. Most of the wines are bottled after a year and then sit in bottles for another year before being released. The winery is a member of the VOC Znojmo, the first appellation system in the Czech Republic.

Basic characteristics of wine

Veltlín Green is our most widespread variety and is grown on about 14% of the area of our vineyards. It is definitely worth trying Veltlín wine from the Znojmo, Mikulov or Velkopavlovice regions, and in Bohemia from Mělnicko, Roudnice or Most.

Wine profile