Vacenovský Winery

Hibernal, 2021

Vacenovský Winery
White wine
Selection of berries

About winemaker

The winery of Libor Vacenovský derives its origin in 2011 from the tradition of his father František, who used to produce wine from a small ten-acre vineyard. Libor Vacenovský graduated from the Secondary Wine School in Valtice and then, at the same time as his professional career as a production manager of one of the larger wine companies, he began to expand the family vineyards and use his knowledge and experience in small-scale winemaking. Today the Vacenovský family has half a hectare in the Šidleny and Dubňanská hora lines and they are still buying and planting new vineyards. In 2013, they planted 8.5 acres of Hibernal and 3 acres of Riesling, gradually meeting their goal of farming ten hectares within ten years. The winery specializes primarily in producing appellation white wines, with rosé and reds making up a smaller portion of production. It offers a wider range of varieties, the main ones being Veltliner Green, Müller-Thurgau, Sauvignon, Riesling and Neuburg. Most of the wines are classed, with only the smallest lots remaining in the category of country wines. Although production takes place in a classic vatted cellar and a pressing room in front of it, it is based on the latest technology. Libor Vacenovský produces white wines from decalcified musts with the help of controlled fermentation and noble yeasts, while red wines are aged for three quarters of a year in refurbished barrique barrels after fermentation in open vats.