Ryzlink rýnský K4

Wine Kadrnka
Ryzlink rýnský K4

Ryzlink rýnský K4, 2021

Wine Kadrnka
White wine
Selection of grapes

About winemaker

Family winery - Jindřich Kadrnka WINERY Our family winery is located in the wine-growing village of Březí near Mikulov, close to the beautiful Palava and Dunajovské Hills. Our family has been involved in viticulture and wine production for many years. I and my family are the fourth generation to continue the winery. I have worked in the vineyard and cellar since I was a child, but my first and most important professional step was my first job. In 2001, I joined Mikrosvín Mikulov, where, under the guidance of Ing. Zdeněk Peřina I gained a lot of experience and knowledge. Currently, I work in Vinařství Volařík Mikulov, where Filip Mlýnek and I are in charge of the production part. In our family winery we try to produce top quality grapes, because we believe that only this is the basis for excellent wine. We emphasize all the work in the vineyard, the least chemical intervention, the most gentle approach to the vines, the grapes and the wine in general. We grow varieties typical for us and new varieties that we believe can be of high quality. These are Riesling, Riesling, Veltliner, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Palava, and the new Johanniter. The blue varieties are Zweigeltrebe and Merlot.

Basic characteristics of wine

Rhine Riesling is an ancient, prized variety used primarily for the production of high quality wines. This variety thrives very well in Litoměřice, Mělník, Znojmo, Strážnice and especially in the Slovácko subregion around the town of Bzenec.

Wine profile