Muškát moravský

Ing. Josef Abrle
Muškát moravský

Muškát moravský, 2020

Ing. Josef Abrle
White wine
Moravian muscat
Land wine

About winemaker

Our family farm began in 1991 with the first experiments in drying fruit and vegetables. Today, our core commodities are the cultivation of grapes (as a basis for organic wine) and the cultivation of organic herbs, which form the raw material for our production of organic spices and relaxing herbal baths. We farm in the Pálava Protected Landscape Area at an altitude of 300 m and we are the only farm that, due to its location in this area, farms the entire area of land according to the rules of organic farming. Our village is situated at the foot of the Pálava Hills, close to the Nové mlýny water reservoir. Our production meets the conditions of Act No. 242/2000 Coll. and Council Regulation No. 2029/91 and can be labelled as organic. We actively cooperate with the PRO-BIO association to promote organic farming as a model farm. Plant production 1. Vines Area - 5,5 ha of vineyards - of which 1 ha old vineyards and 4,5 ha newly planted. These vineyards are located in the heart of the MPA. Production of appellation wines (cabinet, late harvest and selection of grapes) of the Pálava, Muscat of Moravia and Cabernet Moravia varieties. André and Riesling varieties are planted in the new vineyard. We supply wines to several customers, selected wine shops and health food stores. Herbs and spices The area - 3.6 ha of land is dedicated to growing organic herbs + 1.6 ha in the transition period. This land is already located outside the MPA. Production of 16 species of herbs (basil, sage, sage, sage, thyme, tarragon, hyssop, marjoram, chives, parsley, dill, mint, cumin, lovage, buckwheat, lemon balm). We also produce seasoning mixtures by combining them (for chicken, meat, fish, pasta, soup and herbal peppercorns). We supply a large part of our herb production for further processing into teas to the company "Sluneční brána" in Čejkovice. From carefully selected herbs we have compiled and successfully sell original herbal relaxing baths in 5 types.