Müller Thurgau

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Müller Thurgau

Müller Thurgau, 2022

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White wine
Müller Thurgau
Land wine

About winemaker

Originally a family winery established in 1998, it bears the historical name of the town of Bzenec, which supposedly comes from the Slavic saints Cyril and Methodius. The owner of the company, Petr Kunc, built on his father's years of experience and currently manages 16.5 hectares of vineyards, mostly planted gradually since 2002. The entire area has been in full organic production since 2009. Petr Kunc is both a viticulturist and cellar master. The wide range of varieties is adapted to the Bzenec region. Petr Kunc uses modern technology in the cellar to highlight the terroir in the wine. Some lots are aged in barriques. The annual production of approximately 80,000 bottles is divided partly into quality wines in the Classic Collection series and quality wines in the Grand Classic Collection series (also suitable for archiving). The best wines from the 2009 vintage include the late harvest Riesling. Petr Kunc is a member of the Club of Friends of Riesling and in Bzenec he is one of the organizers of the regular international competition exhibition of the Riesling Gallery.

Basic characteristics of wine

Müller Thurgau is our fifth most cultivated white variety (9.46%), so it is produced by almost all wine producers. Müller from Valtice, Mikulov, Znojmo, Mělnicko or Žernoseky is definitely worth a try. Müller Thurgau is best drunk as a young wine under two to three years of age. This, together with its early maturation, is one of the reasons why it is one of the main varieties of St. Martin's wines.

Wine profile