Veltlínské zelené

Winery Roman Komarov
Veltlínské zelené

Veltlínské zelené, 2021

Winery Roman Komarov
White wine
Grüner Veltliner
Late harvest

About winemaker

The family winery of Roman Komarov and Iva Komarova was founded in 1997. The origins of Roman Komarov's wine-making experience date back to his childhood, from there the path led to a professional winery farming 6 hectares of vineyards in the Pod Jakubem wine route. The vineyards are grassed, the harvest is reduced and harvested by hand. Raw materials are processed using traditional and newer methods in the production hall in Ivančice - Hrubšice. The wines are aged in oak barrels and stainless steel tanks. As few sorbents as possible are used in the production process and the wines are aged in wooden barrels for as long as possible, where the individual components are better harmonised. Since the 2008 vintage, the winery has responded to customer demand for certain white varieties by introducing racking and controlled fermentation. White wines are usually bottled after 12 to 18 months, red wines after two years. Almost all wines are sold from the cellar to private archives. For visitors and those interested in tasting wine, there is a small wine bar open regularly right on the square in Ivančice. Regular guided tastings with seating and refreshments are held in the cellar. The winery is famous for Neronet, and has recently achieved significant success with the St. Laurentine variety and with rosé wines.

Basic characteristics of wine

Veltlín Green is our most widespread variety and is grown on about 14% of the area of our vineyards. It is definitely worth trying Veltlín wine from the Znojmo, Mikulov or Velkopavlovice regions, and in Bohemia from Mělnicko, Roudnice or Most.

Wine profile