The Pálava Wine Shop offers Moravian wines from the Mikulov wine region from the Pálava microregion. The wines from Pálava, which mature on the limestone bedrock, are unique and unforgettable. Pálava is one of the warmest regions of the Czech Republic. The conditions here are ideal for growing grapes. In the summer, the warm rock helps the golden grapes ripen faster, which are full of extractive and aromatic substances. Another factor that makes this place magical and unique is the Nové Mlýny water reservoirs. They humidify the air parched by sunlight and, by reflecting off their surface, the vines receive twice as much light as in other areas. The winery focuses on smaller family wineries that produce wines using both traditional technology and modern production methods. The wines are sourced directly from the winemakers, so they do not suffer from storage in warm warehouses like other wine shops.