mVíno v. o. s. - Internet sales of Moravian wines

The company mVíno v. o. s. deals with the selection of quality wines from small and medium-sized winemakers from South Moravia. Our philosophy is to offer our customers interesting, varietally characteristic and, last but not least, drinkable wines. We strive to fully meet the needs of our customers and therefore specialize in the selection of wines up to the price level of 200 CZK. We personally taste all the wines we offer to our customers directly at the winemaker's premises or at local wine exhibitions. From individual winemakers and producers, we select for our customers wines that are definitely worth tasting, not collections with one good and five mediocre samples. We wish our customers to always find what they are looking for in a glass of wine from us. Our own delivery Hradec Králové, Pardubice, Chrudim and surroundings.