South Moravia will be at the Centre of the Wine World Next Year

In 2020 the South Moravian region will host the prestigious international wine competition Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (CMB).  The agreement for our participation in its organisation was signed by the regional governor Bohumil Šimek and the CMB’s managing director Thomas Costenoble.  


The Czech Republic has thus joined the ranks of those major wine-making countries to have had the honour of hosting this roving contest in the past.  

Concours Mondial de Bruxelles is one of the most prestigious and stringent international wine contests with a tradition going back many years.  

“The 27th edition of this competition will take place in the South Moravian region between 30th April and 3rd May 2020.  The organisation of such an event will greatly increase the international image of our region and its inclusion among the world’s wine elite.  Due to the large representation of journalists the event possesses enormous potential for the worldwide promotion of the South Moravian region, above all in the field of viti-viniculture and oeno-tourism.  I am very pleased the competition‘s organisers have specifically selected the South Moravian region for next year’s get-together, and firmly believe that we will convince everyone that this was the right choice,“ said the regional governor Šimek upon signing the agreement.

The aim of the competition is the evaluation of the quality of over 9,000 samples of wine coming from around the world by more than 350 international wine judges.  Their principal task is to select wines of flawless quality, regardless of their label or appellation.  Organising such a contest will also contribute to the good name of the Czech Republic which guarantees evaluation conditions at the very highest international level.  Wines awarded a medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles are wines of the highest world standard and their quality is confirmed by control analyses.   

“Expert judging will take place in ideal surroundings at the Brno Trade Fair Exhibition Centre and we will be offering the jurors four days of touristic, historical and wine-related attractions not just within the city of Brno, but also covering the whole South Moravian region,“ says Pavel Krška, director of the National Wine Centre.  

Other than the South Moravian region, the partners of the event will be, for instance, the City of Brno, The Wine Fund of the Czech Republic, The Vintners‘ Association of the Czech Republic, the National Wine Centre in the town of Valtice, The Tourist Authority – South Moravia and Brno Trade Fairs. 

“The Wine Fund will be extremely pleased to participate in ensuring the successful course of the CMB competition, which can count itself among the most important wine exhibitions in the world.  Preparing and organising such a demanding event is by no means a simple affair, but I am convinced that we will cope successfully.  During the week spanning the end of April and the beginning of May the attention of the wine world will be turned on us in the South Moravian region.  And that is wonderful news,“ as Jaroslav Machovec, director of the Wine Fund, summarises the event.  

The Concours Mondial de Bruxelles international wine competition first took place in 1994.  The initial editions took place in Brussels, in 2006 the location for the judging began to move around some of the most important wine regions in Europe.  It has taken place, for example, in Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Iesolo (Italy), Guimarães (Portugal), Luxembourg (Luxembourg), Bratislava (Slovakia) and other locations.  The Czech Republic has participated in the competition from the very outset in 1994.  Taking into consideration the number of specialist wine tasters (over 350 every year) Concours Mondial de Bruxelles counts as the largest wine contest in the world.    

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